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Shirley Temple doll, 1935-36

This is a Shirley Temple doll manufactured by Ideal Novelty and Toy Company, USA, between 1935 and 1936. The doll has curly blonde hair, painted skin and blue 'sleep' eyes, which open and close depending on the doll's orientation. She is wearing a white cotton dress that has a lined red collar with a bow. There is also ...


My Place - Episode 7: 1948: Jen, The pictures

Jen and her friends are at the 'pictures' watching a newsreel that includes an announcement of the birth of Prince Charles. In the cinema foyer the girls steal a movie poster of Prince Philip, the husband of Princess Elizabeth (who would later become Queen Elizabeth II). The girls discuss the importance of 'handsomeness' ...

Moving Image

Media trust

Scandal seems to abound when it comes to the media! In 2012, several events, including the tabloid media phone-hacking scandal in the UK, led to serious questions about whether today's media can be trusted in its reporting of news. This clip from Q&A offers several different perspectives on this issue.

Teacher resource

Ordinary people can be extraordinary - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea describes how a teacher used a range of digital images, video and interactive learning objects to stimulate her students to reflect on representations of heroism in society.


Media Watch, 1997: In Barcelona tonight

This clip shows 'Media Watch' presenter Stuart Littlemore describing how a story on 'Today Tonight' about fugitive businessman Christopher Skase had been fabricated. Littlemore summarises the story in which journalist David Richardson claimed to be in Majorca (Mallorca) fleeing local police who wanted his tape of Skase. ...


Media Watch, 1999: Cash for comment

This clip shows Richard Ackland, presenter of 'Media Watch', alleging that radio personality John Laws sought payment from the Australian Bankers' Association (ABA) to change his on-air opinions. Voice recordings and transcripts of Laws saying he was approached by the banks are juxtaposed with a confidential ABA document ...


Conquest of the Pacific

This is an excerpt from the 1928 black-and-white silent documentary entitled 'Conquest of the Pacific', which celebrates the first flight across the Pacific. An intertitle 'Excited crowds await the ''Southern Cross'' at Brisbane.' introduces scenes of the 'Southern Cross' taxiing to a stop. A second intertitle 'Captain ...


Lottie Lyell in 'The sentimental bloke', 1919

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken in 1919, depicting Lottie Lyell (1890-1925), the female star of the silent film, 'The sentimental bloke'. The head-and-shoulders photograph is framed by a romantic border of flowers. A heart, pierced by an arrow, adorns each top corner. Across the bottom, on either side of a map ...


Australia's 5th column, 1941 - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white 1941 propaganda documentary with soundtrack. The documentary is entitled 'Australia's 5th column', and it concerns the threat to Australia during the Second World War of the 'fifth column' (internal subversive agents). This excerpt section begins with lengthy intertitles set against ...


Australia's 5th column, 1941 - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white 1941 propaganda documentary with soundtrack. The documentary is entitled 'Australia's 5th column', and it concerns the threat to Australia during the Second World War of the 'fifth column' (internal subversive agents). This excerpt shows everyday Australians listening to broadcasts ...


Staysharp knife

This is a colour advertisement showing a woman, Maggie Tabberer, seated with her hand on a knife in a red plastic sheath. Below this photograph is an image of another knife being withdrawn from its sheath and, beneath this photograph at the bottom of the advertisement are five small pictures, four of knives in sheaths of ...


Lizzy Gardiner's Story of the Fame Game, 1997: 'Not a career'

This clip shows former 'Neighbours' star Ashley Paske talking about the difficulties he encountered pursuing an acting career after he left the television soap opera. Paske describes how he went to London and worked in theatre, but he found acting hard work with long stints of unemployment and little money. Paske says he ...


Lizzy Gardiner's Story of the Fame Game, 1997: 'Multiple personalities'

This clip shows John Holmes, head of drama at the Seven Network, being interviewed by filmmaker Lizzy Gardiner. Holmes claims that the stars of 'Home and Away' are heavily promoted because of the importance of the serial to the Network's prime-time schedule. The clip features an interview with Isla Fisher, who appeared ...


Dynasties - The Murdochs, 2001: Taking on New York

This clip shows Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York, claiming that he was elected mayor in 1977 because media baron Rupert Murdoch supported his candidature through the 'New York Post'. Koch, a rank outsider, tells how Murdoch held a conference during which he interviewed all the candidates running for mayor and asked ...


The Arrival of Miss Amy Johnson in Brisbane, 1930

This clip shows silent black-and-white footage of Amy Johnson arriving at Eagle Farm in Brisbane, Queensland, in May 1930. It opens with an intertitle, followed by scenes of the waiting crowds, a motorcade and more people arriving, Johnson's plane landing and being wheeled to a stop, crowds surrounding the plane and Johnson ...


Australasian Gazette - Dame Nellie Melba, c1920

This silent black-and-white clip shows newsreel footage of Australian soprano Dame Nellie Melba arriving back in Sydney aboard the passenger liner RMS Niagara in the early 1920s. It shows Melba accompanied by friends and family on the deck of the Niagara. The group poses for the camera with flautist John Lemmone on Melba's ...


Chinese scenarios

This is a web page with links to six learning objects: a Chinese country boy and a city girl swapping families; a Chinese Australian family's home renovations; an interview with a gongfu star; Chinese children's after-school activities; a stolen artefact mystery; and the Chinese Olympics. Each object consists of an animated ...

Teacher resource

Copyright and digital citizenship

This unit of work can be used to develop students' awareness of copyright, intellectual property and the impact of film and television piracy on the media industry. Activities focus on the rights of a creator, understanding ethics of good digital citizenship including acknowledging the work of others, and the risks associated ...