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Vaccine bottle containing venereal disease vaccine, 1920s

This is a brown glass bottle containing a bacterial culture, 'Bacillus bulgaricus', which was used as a vaccine against venereal disease in the 1920s. The label on the bottle says that it is 'a living culture in whey'. It was manufactured by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Ltd, Parkville, Victoria. The overall dimensions ...


Boxed pneumonia vaccine vial, 1920s

This is a paper-wrapped box from the 1920s containing a glass vial of serum used as a pneumonia vaccine. The printing on the paper wrapping says that the box contains 30 cc of the anti-pneumococcal serum (polyvalent), and that it was prepared in the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. The wrapper also bears the name Commonwealth ...



This collection of digital curriculum resources is organised in two categories - causes and spread of infections; and fighting infections. Videos and images provide a historical perspective of human infectious diseases in Australia, including epidemic events and drug and vaccine development. Learning objects explore the ...


Immune system

This collection contains digital curriculum resources. It is organised into three categories - structure and function of the immune system; disorders of the immune system; and vaccination and the immune system. It includes learning objects, videos, images and sound recordings. The roles played by blood and stem cells are ...


Children playing cricket at Manly Beach, 1964

This is a colour photograph showing children playing cricket on Manly Beach in 1964. Nine children are gathered around the batter, who is wearing calipers and is waiting for the ball to be bowled. Other beachgoers, the Manly Surf Pavilion, other buildings and some trees are in the background.


Thursday Plantation tea-tree oil products

This is a range of Thursday Plantation tea-tree oil products: shampoo, hair conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and soap. The packaging of each product is in white, lemon yellow and dark blue, and displays the Thursday Plantation logo, which depicts a tea-tree.


Big Girls Don't Cry, 2002: A new kidney

This clip uses a series of interviews intercut with family photographs that tell the story of Mariah and the effect of kidney disease on her and her family. Her parents, Angie and David, recollect their experience of Mariah's illness, dialysis and the news of a possible transplant. Photographs of Mariah and her parents ...


Big Girls Don't Cry, 2002: Wouldn't change a thing

This clip shows Mariah nine years after receiving a donor kidney. The clip opens with an image of the newspaper article that told of 'Mariah's second chance'. A dissolve reveals 10-year-old Mariah talking with her mother about her karate trophies and then playing ball with her family. Her father is shown taking her to the ...


Bondi Rescue, 2006: A major medical emergency

This clip shows reality television footage of lifeguards conducting an emergency resuscitation on Bondi Beach in Sydney. In the first scene lifeguards are posing for a promotional shoot when a Japanese student, Takahiro Ono, is noticed floating unconscious in the surf. The lifeguards spring into action. Placing Ono on the ...


Gus Nossal describes his most noted medical research, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of Sir Gustav Nossal describing the medical research for which he became internationally known. He outlines his contributions to the emerging science of immunology in the 1950s-70s, and how other researchers have been able to make further discoveries based on his initial work. The recording ...


Cellulose acetate mouldings for spectacle frames, 1945

This is a display of 27 spectacle frames manufactured from cellulose acetate, made by the Commonwealth Moulding Pty Ltd, Australia, in a range of shapes and colours.


Fitpack syringe container and disposable syringes, 1991

This is a Fitpack syringe container and disposable syringes. The container is rectangular and made from matte black plastic (polypropylene). At the top is a self-hinged click-fit lid with an instructional label adhered to the inside. Unused packaged disposable syringes (partly visible) are housed within a single large compartment. ...


Scholl foot arch supports and inserts, 2003-04

These are Scholl foot arch supports and inserts. They were manufactured from thermoplastic elastomer, cardboard and plastic by Bayly Design Associates, Victoria, between 2003 and 2004. The arch supports are clear flexible plastic. The inserts are kidney-shaped, and vary in colour and hardness. The blue inserts are stamped ...


Sceats KNECT eyewear sets, 2003-05

These are Sceats KNECT eyewear sets that were manufactured from plastic and metal by Sceats Eyewear, New South Wales, between 2003 and 2005. Each set comprises a white cardboard box, a white glasses case and a pair of glasses. The arms of the glasses are available in various colours.


Sceats KNECT eyewear temples, 2003-05

This is a selection of temple sets for Sceats KNECT eyewear, manufactured from plastic and metal by Sceats Eyewear, New South Wales, between 2003 and 2005. Each set is a different colour, including: fuchsia, cyan blue, 'amaretto', 'reggae red', chartreuse, 'Bondi sun', 'orchid', 'summer pink', 'silver mist' and 'red cheq'. ...


'Nucleus' wearable speech processor, 1984

This is a 'Nucleus' speech processor, manufactured from metal, plastic and electronic components by Cochlear Limited, Sydney. The unit is rectangular with silver metal and blue plastic. There is a control knob and switch at the top end of the unit. A cable for the headset is attached to a second knob at top end. 'Nucleus' ...


Cochlear 'SPrint' speech processor, c1997

This is a rectangular beige 'SPrint' speech processor with LCD screen, manufactured from plastic and electronic components by Cochlear Limited, New South Wales. The processor is labelled with product information on the back. It is accompanied by a tan-coloured earpiece.


Demonstration kit for 'Nucleus freedom' implant system, 2005

This is a demonstration kit for a 'Nucleus freedom' implant system inside a bronze-coloured suitcase with a silver-coloured handle and locks. It was manufactured from metal, plastic and electrical components by Cochlear Limited, Sydney. The components of the system include a 'Nucleus freedom' implant, speech processor and ...


ResMed flow generator and humidifier, 2005-06

This is an S8 AutoSet Spirit flow generator and a HumidAire 3i humidifier, manufactured from plastic and metal by ResMed, New South Wales, between 2005 and 2006. The flow generator is grey, black and white plastic, and it has an LCD screen, control buttons and a handle. A cylinder protrudes from the lower right corner. ...


VentrAssist implantable blood pump, 2006

This is a VentrAssist implantable blood pump designed by Ventracor and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney, in 1997-99 and made by Ventracor in 2006. It features a titanium heart-shaped pump attached to a blue rectangular control box via a metal-and-plastic lead. The control box has a liquid ...