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Vaccine bottle containing venereal disease vaccine, 1920s

This is a brown glass bottle containing a bacterial culture, 'Bacillus bulgaricus', which was used as a vaccine against venereal disease in the 1920s. The label on the bottle says that it is 'a living culture in whey'. It was manufactured by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Ltd, Parkville, Victoria. The overall dimensions ...


Boxed pneumonia vaccine vial, 1920s

This is a paper-wrapped box from the 1920s containing a glass vial of serum used as a pneumonia vaccine. The printing on the paper wrapping says that the box contains 30 cc of the anti-pneumococcal serum (polyvalent), and that it was prepared in the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. The wrapper also bears the name Commonwealth ...


Young people and hearing impairment: hearing aids and cochlear implants

This clip shows young people describing the challenges of using a hearing aid or cochlear implant. They discuss the difference the electronic devices make to their hearing levels, and the effort of consistently using the devices and keeping them safe. Feelings of self-consciousness and perceptions of feeling different to ...


Cellulose acetate mouldings for spectacle frames, 1945

This is a display of 27 spectacle frames manufactured from cellulose acetate, made by the Commonwealth Moulding Pty Ltd, Australia, in a range of shapes and colours.


Fitpack syringe container and disposable syringes, 1991

This is a Fitpack syringe container and disposable syringes. The container is rectangular and made from matte black plastic (polypropylene). At the top is a self-hinged click-fit lid with an instructional label adhered to the inside. Unused packaged disposable syringes (partly visible) are housed within a single large compartment. ...


Scholl foot arch supports and inserts, 2003-04

These are Scholl foot arch supports and inserts. They were manufactured from thermoplastic elastomer, cardboard and plastic by Bayly Design Associates, Victoria, between 2003 and 2004. The arch supports are clear flexible plastic. The inserts are kidney-shaped, and vary in colour and hardness. The blue inserts are stamped ...


Sceats KNECT eyewear sets, 2003-05

These are Sceats KNECT eyewear sets that were manufactured from plastic and metal by Sceats Eyewear, New South Wales, between 2003 and 2005. Each set comprises a white cardboard box, a white glasses case and a pair of glasses. The arms of the glasses are available in various colours.


Sceats KNECT eyewear temples, 2003-05

This is a selection of temple sets for Sceats KNECT eyewear, manufactured from plastic and metal by Sceats Eyewear, New South Wales, between 2003 and 2005. Each set is a different colour, including: fuchsia, cyan blue, 'amaretto', 'reggae red', chartreuse, 'Bondi sun', 'orchid', 'summer pink', 'silver mist' and 'red cheq'. ...


'Nucleus' wearable speech processor, 1984

This is a 'Nucleus' speech processor, manufactured from metal, plastic and electronic components by Cochlear Limited, Sydney. The unit is rectangular with silver metal and blue plastic. There is a control knob and switch at the top end of the unit. A cable for the headset is attached to a second knob at top end. 'Nucleus' ...


Cochlear 'SPrint' speech processor, c1997

This is a rectangular beige 'SPrint' speech processor with LCD screen, manufactured from plastic and electronic components by Cochlear Limited, New South Wales. The processor is labelled with product information on the back. It is accompanied by a tan-coloured earpiece.


Demonstration kit for 'Nucleus freedom' implant system, 2005

This is a demonstration kit for a 'Nucleus freedom' implant system inside a bronze-coloured suitcase with a silver-coloured handle and locks. It was manufactured from metal, plastic and electrical components by Cochlear Limited, Sydney. The components of the system include a 'Nucleus freedom' implant, speech processor and ...


ResMed flow generator and humidifier, 2005-06

This is an S8 AutoSet Spirit flow generator and a HumidAire 3i humidifier, manufactured from plastic and metal by ResMed, New South Wales, between 2005 and 2006. The flow generator is grey, black and white plastic, and it has an LCD screen, control buttons and a handle. A cylinder protrudes from the lower right corner. ...


VentrAssist implantable blood pump, 2006

This is a VentrAssist implantable blood pump designed by Ventracor and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney, in 1997-99 and made by Ventracor in 2006. It features a titanium heart-shaped pump attached to a blue rectangular control box via a metal-and-plastic lead. The control box has a liquid ...


Wooden bottle rack with glass bottles, 1920s

This is a wooden rack with a set of glass bottles containing various fluids. The set was used during the 1920s by the Vaccines Department at Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in Victoria for standard culture suspensions. This item is part of the CSL Collection at Museum Victoria.


Container for Spanish influenza vaccine, 1919

This bottle once contained a vaccine for complications arising from Spanish influenza, the first vaccine to be manufactured by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in Victoria in 1919. The bottle has a typed label: 'SPECIAL INFLUENZA VACCINE / (Mixed). / (A) Strength. / Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, Melbourne'. The item is ...


European wasps as pests in Australia

This is an information sheet that describes why European wasps are pests in Australia, the health effects their stings can have, and the recommended first aid for stings.


Akhurst and Kitz families picnicking at Red Bluff, Point Ormond, 1897

This is a black-and-white or sepia photograph featuring the Akhurst and Kitz families at Red Bluff, Point Ormond, at Elwood in 1897. The Akhurst and Kitz families were very close at this time. From left to right we see, in the foreground: Alice Akhurst, probably Paul Kitz jnr, Sidney Akhurst, Frida Akhurst, Beatrice Akhurst, ...


Brass observation hole, c1900

This brass observation hole was installed on a door at Ballarat Mental Hospital, Victoria in order to observe patients.


Child's corduroy pinafore worn in mental health hospital, c1980

This is a red pinafore of the type worn by young female patients in a Victorian mental health hospital in about 1980. It has been mended by hand sewing.


Electroconvulsive therapy machine, c1953-60

This is an electroconvulsive therapy machine, consisting of a sealed metal box with dials, lights and printed lettering, with an electric lead and plug. It was made by Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd around 1953-60. It is part of the Psychiatric Services Collection at Museum Victoria. The machine is 16.0 cm long ...