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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Economy  >  Microeconomics

Australia Post - Australia Post Inc, 1990: 'A commercial enterprise'

This clip shows Australia Post staff at work as the presenter explains the changes necessary for Australia Post to become a commercial enterprise: productivity targets, cost-effective branches and reforms to work processes. Some of the annual running costs of a typical post office following corporatisation are shown and ...


Australia Post - Meeting the Challenge, 1988: Motivation to compete

This clip shows images of large modern fast delivery vehicles, including spacecraft, as presenter Michael Talbot, then acting deputy state manager of Australia Post in New South Wales, explains that the commercial challenges and competition faced by the recently corporatised Australia Post amount to a 'battle'. Dramatic ...


Spotswood, 1992: 'Instituting some changes'

This clip shows an efficiency expert, Mr Wallace (Anthony Hopkins), instructing Carey (Ben Mendelsohn) in staff efficiency assessments at an ailing moccasin factory in Melbourne, Victoria, and explaining the reasons behind his proposed workplace changes to a sceptical Mr Ball (Alwyn Kurts), the owner of the factory. Wallace ...


Spotswood, 1992: 'It's about dignity'

This clip shows efficiency expert Mr Wallace (Anthony Hopkins) insisting that Mr Ball (Alwyn Kurts) sack 60 per cent of the staff at his moccasin factory in Spotswood in Melbourne, Victoria. Ball argues that his staff members deserve dignity and respect but Wallace retorts that only swift action will prevent the collapse ...