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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Ecosystems  >  Habitats  >  Microhabitats
Moving Image

Soil: healthy dirt makes healthy plants

Have you ever taken a close look at the ground you walk on? Explore the hidden world of soil, a 'life-support system' for plants. Find out what soil is made of and what lives within it. Discover how and why you should improve your soil.


Dung pad of a cow

This is a colour photograph of the dung pad of a cow ('Bos taurus'). Several flies can be seen feeding on the surface of the excrement.


When the Lights Go Out - Cockroaches, a Domestic History, 1994

This clip shows the world of the cockroach from the cockroach's point of view. Magnified images and the sounds of cockroaches provide information about habitat and behaviour and dramatise their activities. Graphics to suggest an X-ray image of the insect are used to illustrate its nervous system. Scenes of a city and human ...