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Teacher resource

GeogSpace: year F - exemplar

This is a web page consisting of an overview and two illustrations of practice on the GeogSpace website, a resource for teachers. Both illustrations are hands-on activities involving individuals and groups in structured play. Illustration 1 supports the creation of models of familiar places. Photographs are provided to ...

Interactive Resource

Mindomo: mind mapping

This is an iPad app that creates mindmaps, turns them into presentations, allows the user to share them with others, and exports them as images or PDFs. Maps can be made as 'cloud maps' from an online account or as 'local maps' located on the user's own device. There are multiple map layouts available and maps can be customised ...

Interactive Resource

Popplet lite

This is an iPad app that creates mindmaps, displaying and connecting them visually in 'popples' (individual idea and content balloons) on a simple interface known as a 'popplet'. Popplets and popples can be displayed with different background and outline colours. Popplet lite allows the user to insert text and make drawings ...