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Compass - Fly on the Wall Messiah, 2004: The rehearsal

This clip shows conductor Clive Pascoe preparing a large amateur choir to perform Handel's 'Messiah' in Sydney. The choir, made up of women and men of a range of ages, is shown in rehearsal with Pascoe conducting and giving instruction. An interview with two of the choir members completes the clip.

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The symphonic sculpture of Pantha du Prince

Discover what happens when you mix computers and live musicians to generate exciting new performances. This clip features the music of Berlin-based musician Pantha du Prince (Hendrik Weber) and his collaboration with The Bell Laboratory from Norway. They combine an experimental approach to computer-generated music with ...

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Opera: life without a microphone

Performing opera is one of the most challenging roles a singer can undertake. In this clip from Behind the News, join Kirsty Bennett as she discovers the complexities of opera and the demands it makes on singers' voices.

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Masonik: bringing music and video together

Masonik is a group of artists who combine music, electronics and visual imagery to create a range of fascinating artworks. Watch and listen as the group performs an excerpt from its piece 'Xanah' on Radio National TV.

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Crowding the dance floor

Imagine yourself in a crowd. Do you feel part of the crowd or do you feel alone in the crowd? 'Assembly', a collaboration between Chunky Move and Victorian Opera, explores these ideas through dance, choral music and sound. Here you can see aspects of the work, which reflects the ways crowds move and act. The work was devised ...

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Play, wonder, create: drama contexts in early childhood - teacher resource

This resource for teachers provides a series of experiences to introduce students in Foundation to year 2 to drama. Part one is a 'getting started in drama' toolkit with techniques, tools, activities and a start-up lesson that leads students into the creation of a puppet play to explain the mystery of an abandoned bear. ...


Moulin Rouge!, 2001: Love

This clip shows Christian, a love-struck writer, stealing a private moment with Satine, a courtesan, on the rooftops of the Moulin Rouge to convince her of the power of love. To counter Satine's belief that she cannot afford to fall in love with him, Christian speaks and sings lines from popular love songs. The lyrics, ...


Banners Held High, 1956: May Day

This colour narrated clip from a 1956 documentary film produced by the Waterside Workers' Federation (WWF) Film Unit focuses on Sydney's May Day celebrations honouring the achievements of workers across the world. It shows men at work, banners being prepared for the May Day march and footage of the march itself, accompanied ...


'Advance Australia fair', 1927

This is a 1927 recording of four verses of the famous song, 'Advance Australia fair', which later became Australia's national anthem. It was composed by Peter McCormick, who arrived in Australia from Scotland in 1855. This recording was made in London and features a massed choir and grand organ accompaniment.


Marching at a school assembly in 1925

This is an excerpt from a 1925 silent black-and-white documentary entitled 'The rising generation'. It opens with a scene showing boys playing in a schoolyard. The boys then carry out various marching manoeuvres as their teachers watch, before making way for a schoolboys' marching band.


Dame Nellie Melba in a procession at Lilydale, 1902

This is a black-and-white photograph that shows the arrival of operatic soprano Nellie Melba (1861-1931) in a procession at Lilydale in Victoria during her 1902 tour of Australia and New Zealand. Melba is seated in a buggy at the front of the procession. The procession, which is made up of people in buggies and men on horseback, ...


Advertisement for a public lecture by John Curtin, 1912

This is an advertisement published in the 'The Socialist' newspaper for a public lecture to be given by John Curtin at the Gaiety Theatre in Melbourne at '7 pm prompt, Sunday, 18th August' 1912, entitled 'The Man on the Job'. The advertisement notes that the doors open at 6.30 pm and warns people to come early if they want ...


'The Debussy Quartet in G', 1937

This is a black-and-white photograph made in 1937 by Max Dupain (1911-92). It is a fantasy, dream-like image made up of sections of flower forms and the body of a young woman, and measures 41.5 cm x 30.5 cm.


'Brighton Road State School or perspective love song', 1944

This is a synthetic polymer painting by Sidney Nolan (1917-92), dating from 1944. Measuring 59.0 cm x 89.5 cm, it depicts a schoolyard filled with young children at play. At the right of the painting, two boys hang by their legs from a scoreboard that has outsized numbers on it. A head and shoulders sculptural bust sits ...


The Joys of the Women, 1993: Italy revisited

This clip shows singer-songwriter Kavisha Mazzella in Ischia, an island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy near Naples, where she went to record traditional folk songs. Mazzella is shown arriving by ferry to be met by her father and grandmother. In a voice-over she explains that, as a teenager, she rejected her ...


Outback Opera, La Boheme Tour, 2002: Musetta

This clip shows members of the touring arm of the Australian Opera, OzOpera, onstage in an outdoor cafe scene from Puccini's opera, 'La Boheme', as Musetta sings her famous Waltz aria from Act II. The clip opens with a title screen explaining what is to come. Musetta then sings the Waltz. Mimi and another cafegoer join ...


Outback Opera, La Boheme Tour, 2002: Going to the opera

This clip shows members of OzOpera, and of the audience, preparing for a performance of Puccini's opera, 'La Boheme', at Whyalla in South Australia in 2002. The clip begins with the conductor Tobias Foskett joking with members of the cast as they put on their make-up. The scene shifts to a family preparing to go to the ...


David Hobson reflects on Joan Sutherland, 2005

This is an edited sound recording of tenor David Hobson recalling the atmosphere in the Sydney Opera House on 2 October 1990 when Dame Joan Sutherland, the famous opera singer, gave her emotional Australian farewell performance. Hobson speaks of Dame Joan's sense of humour and her down-to-earth nature. He mentions a crystal ...


Charlie Christensen describes a march-past, 2006

This is an edited sound recording of 85-year-old Charlie Christensen describing the march-past event in a surf-lifesaving carnival. Christensen, who was an assistant coach of the North Bondi team in eastern Sydney, gives details of how the teams had to prepare for the march-past and how the event was conducted and judged. ...


'Liar liar' by Lilly Piri

'Liar liar' is a surrealist pencil drawing by Lilly Piri in which three spinal cords protrude from the lower half of a human body. Each of the neck-like or stem-like spinal cords has an object on the end that resembles an animal skull. The body is clothed in pantaloon-style short trousers and knee socks, and there is a ...