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John le Carré: early influences

How do writers of spy novels find inspiration? Where do they learn about the people and places that feature in their books? Listen to acclaimed author John le Carré explain how he draws upon his childhood, family and his work with the British secret service to inspire and inform his novels.

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John le Carré: interrogation

In the world of espionage, interrogation is crucial. How do interviewers ensure that information obtained during interrogation is useful? How do they determine whether an interviewee is telling the truth? In this clip, author John le Carré explains some of the finer points of successful interrogation.

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Life science: food chain

Examine an ecosystem consisting of hawks, snakes, rabbits and grass by exploring the changing population of each species as part of a food chain. Observe the effects of introducing disease and altering the number of individuals in each population. Analyse tables and graphs to monitor the change in the different species ...

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The night of the bilby: get home alive [ESL]

Look at a desert environment where bilbies and other animals live. Help bilbies to gather food such as seeds, bulbs and spiders. Avoid being eaten by predators such as cats and foxes. Find enough food before the night ends. Then find a burrow to shelter in. Notice that rabbits compete for the same resources as bilbies. ...


'Retreat from Baghdad' cartoon by Geoff Pryor, 2007

This cartoon by Geoff Pryor comments on the long-term effects of the occupation of Iraq by coalition forces. It shows US president George W Bush in a Civil War-era uniform being led away on a horse from Baghdad in the middle of a sandstorm. On foot are key Liberal Party members including prime minister John Howard and foreign ...


Rabbit plagues in 19th- and 20th-century Australia

This is a collection of 17 digital curriculum resources focusing on the rabbit problem in Australia between their introduction in the mid-19th century and the end of the 20th century. It is organised into three categories - rabbits in plague proportions; attempts to control rabbits; and the uses made of rabbits. It includes ...


European rabbits

This is a black and white photograph of a group of European rabbits ('Oryctolagus cuniculus'). The image shows the rabbits on ground that is barren and lacking any vegetation. (Classification - Phylum: Chordata, Class: Mammalia, Order: Lagomorpha, Family: Leporidae.)


A rabbiter delivering his catch, 1945

This is a black-and-white photograph of a rabbiter handing his catch to the operator of a refrigerated truck. The rabbiter is shown seated on a bicycle, on which four rabbits are still hanging. A Jack Russell terrier sits next to the rabbiter's bike.


Processing rabbits for export, 1945

This is a black-and-white photograph of five male employees working in a rabbit-processing plant. The mid ground and background of the photograph show the men at work next to a conveyor belt onto which clean carcasses are loaded. In the foreground are hundreds of dead rabbits waiting for processing and scores of discarded ...


Lorry loaded with dead rabbits, c1918

This is a black-and-white photograph measuring 15.1 cm x 20.4 cm, showing a lorry loaded with 1,760 pairs of dead rabbits being driven from a depot to the nearest railway station. It was taken in about 1918 in New South Wales. The photograph is attributed to the Country Freezing Company Limited. Printed in white at the ...


Rabbit research, 1976

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a white-coated laboratory worker holding a rabbit, and several cages containing rabbits lining one wall. The National Archives of Australia caption includes the words, 'European fleas, and eradication of rabbits by myxomatosis'.


Rabbit control, 1976

This is a black-and-white photograph showing four people in a paddock, one of whom is peering down a rabbit burrow. The caption for this photograph in the National Archives of Australia includes the words, 'European fleas, and eradication of rabbits by myxomatosis'.


Rabbit fumigator, Orange, 1966

This is a black-and-white photograph taken at the Australian National Field Days show in Orange, New South Wales, in October 1966. A demonstration is being given of a 'Deckson' rabbit fumigator. Exhaust fumes from the machine are being fed into a simulated rabbit warren at one entrance and emerging as smoke at another. ...


'Immunisation. Goodbye to the plague', 1989 - asset 2

This is a clip from an educational film produced for the Department of Community Services and Health that was released in 1989 by the Australian Government to promote the benefits of immunisation. The 12-minute colour film is narrated by an actor in the role of an elderly man describing a range of diseases and infections ...


The Killing of Angel Street, 1981: 'Who's Juanita Nielsen?'

This clip shows Tom Riley (Reg Lye) and Jessica Simmonds (Liz Alexander) sitting in Jessica's late father's house, discussing his death. Tom exhorts the spirit of Jessica's father to 'come back and haunt the murdering bastards'. At the mention of murder the camera focuses on Jessica's shocked face. They leave the building ...


The Killing of Angel Street, 1981: Elliott and Jessica ask for trouble

This clip shows Elliott (John Hargreaves) and Jessica Simmonds (Liz Alexander) leaving their car, talking about the union, observing the destruction of buildings and finally confronting casino operator Collins (Allen Bickford). They tape their attempted conversation with him and take photographs of him and his henchmen ...


Secret Fleets, 1995: 'Our saviours have arrived'

This clip shows the arrival of US servicemen in Perth and Fremantle, Western Australia, in 1942. It includes archival footage and a series of interviews with people who were living in Perth at the time. They describe their feelings of relief, excitement and curiosity when the Americans established their presence in the ...


More Winners - Mr Edmund, 1990: 'Mystery man'

This clip shows Mrs Williams (Rhondda Findleton) informing her children and the tenants of her Sydney boarding house that a new boarder, Mr Edmund (Robert Grubb), will be moving in. That evening her daughter, Cherry (Rebecca Smart), sits writing at her desk and as her mother opens the door Cherry hides her homemade barrister's ...


Life on a Sheep Farm, 1965: The rabbit plague

This clip shows a jackeroo riding around a sheep farm at Ruffy in central Victoria and repairing a rabbit-proof fence to keep rabbits out of the grazing paddocks. A long shot shows the property overrun by rabbits. The clip ends with a farmer fumigating a rabbit warren and a shot of a huge mound of dead rabbits, while the ...


Rabbit fence cartoon, 1884

This black-and-white cartoon satirises Queensland parliamentarian John Stevenson's suggestion that a fence be built on the New South Wales border to stop an expected invasion of rabbits. It depicts a low wire fence that four rabbits are using as a tennis net. Other rabbits leap over the fence and hop in the background. ...