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China, the Long March, 1986: Yaks in Tibet

This clip shows colour film of nomadic Tibetan graziers moving their yak herds across vast plains. A narrator explains key aspects of Tibetan life as a family group performs domestic tasks. Inside a tent a member of the group plays a flute while the rest of the family listens in front of a fire. In an interview, a Tibetan ...


In the footsteps of Genghis Khan

This is an online article about the three-year solo journey from Mongolia to Hungry undertaken by Australian Geographical Society adventurer Tim Cope, following the same trail taken by Genghis Kahn across Asia. The main body of the article is a personal reflection written by Cope about his experiences during the journey. ...


Lady Wenji and the lament of the nomad flute

This is a Chinese folk story called Lady Wenji and the lament of the nomad flute; it dates back almost 2,000 years. The story is about longing for something that cannot be: lamenting. The resource is 16 web pages in length and includes text, illustrations, arrows at the top of the resource to turn the pages forward and ...

Teacher resource

The development of farming in Ancient Societies

This is a unit of work about the development of technologies in farming from ancient societies to present day. Topics explored include: technology in the ancient world; life in Mesopotamia; agricultural changes in Australia; and timeline of technology used in agriculture. The resource includes: a teacher guide; an extract ...


Muslim journeys

This is a rich resource about the lives of Muslim people who came to Australia from Asia and Europe in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Developed by the National Archives of Australia, it consists of a historical essay by Hanifa Deen illustrated by a collection of archival documents and images. The resource has five tabs: ...