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Young people and hearing impairment: diagnosis

This clip shows young people explaining the nature of their personal hearing impairment. They discuss the extent of their hearing loss and some mention the type of aids they use (hearing aid and/or cochlear implant) to help them hear. They refer to other members of their families who also have a hearing loss. This clip ...


Young people and hearing impairment: hearing aids and cochlear implants

This clip shows young people describing the challenges of using a hearing aid or cochlear implant. They discuss the difference the electronic devices make to their hearing levels, and the effort of consistently using the devices and keeping them safe. Feelings of self-consciousness and perceptions of feeling different to ...


If Only, 2003: Shooting straight

This clip shows Cos telling the story of how his eyesight was restored through a cataract operation, enabling him to successfully resume his sport of competition rifle-shooting. A split screen is used to combine footage of Cos in interview with footage of his eye examination and later at the rifle range. An amusing scene ...

Interactive resource

Reading between the lines

Test the vision of four people to identify vision problems: myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia. Compare effects of corrective lenses on reading at different distances. Look at a cross-section of the eye showing focal variations linked to a vision problem. Explore how common vision problems are by doing a survey. This learning ...


Ceramic pot, c1880



Families and chronic illness: introductions

This clip shows young Indigenous people speaking about their experiences of caring for family members living with a chronic illness. They talk about the family member they care for and about the nature of the illness. They describe some of the effects of the illness on that person and the effect on their own lives. This ...


Young people and hearing impairment: school life

This clip shows students discussing experiences that have affected their ability to hear in the classroom and the strategies used to assist communication at school. They explain that peers at school are not always aware of their hearing impairment and express frustration that peers sometimes use the hearing technologies ...


Young people and hearing impairment: challenges

This clip shows young people with hearing impairments discussing some of the challenges they face. The difficulty of caring for hearing equipment and the limits to its effectiveness in noisy situations is mentioned. Several students reveal the effects of teasing and bullying at school and their subsequent hurt and withdrawal. ...


Young people and hearing impairment: social life

This clip shows young people talking about some of the social aspects of living with hearing impairment. Topics covered include peer networks and the support and recreational services accessed. They also share communication strategies that are critical to their participation in recreational pursuits. This clip provides ...


Young people and hearing impairment: support

This clip shows young people with hearing impairment talking about the people in their lives who provide support, such as parents, relatives, teachers and teaching assistants. They explain the ways in which this support is offered, and the way it makes them feel. They offer advice on creating a supportive environment for ...


Young people and hearing impairment: words of wisdom

This clip shows young people summarising their philosophy on living with hearing impairments and giving some advice. One person mentions things that people, particularly teachers, can do to minimise the impact of the hearing impairment. They speak positively, demonstrating their resilience and delivering a strong message ...

Moving Image

Colour blindness - seeing the world differently

The ability to see colours is an important human trait, but did you know some people's colour vision is impaired. View this clip to discover what it means to be colourblind and how it happens. Find out also about the extraordinary colour vision of the dunnart, and why it is important for this nocturnal marsupial.

Interactive Resource

Light sound action: student digital

This is a student digital resource that contains interactive materials relevant to a study of light, sound, and electricity. This resource contains a rich array of digital interactive activities, simulations, video clips, supportive information and notebook questions, and is divided into several parts including sections ...

Teacher resource

Light sound action: teacher guide

This is a teacher guide containing material to support the planning and implementing of lessons for a unit on the science of light, sound and electricity. It covers topics such as the wave and particle models, how light and sound are transmitted, and electromagnetic radiation and its uses in modern society; and includes ...


Bowl by Edols and Elliott, 1998

This is a glass bowl made in 1998 by Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Measuring 24 cm (height) x 33 cm (width) x 30 cm (depth), it is half-ovoid in form and made from semitransparent blue glass. The surface of the bowl is decorated with a series of curved bands that join to form irregular ...


Shifting Sands - My Colour, Your Kind, 1998: Born into light

This clip shows a young albino Aboriginal girl (Melissa Middleton) walking along a path in a dry landscape. The scene is intercut with close-up shots of hands grinding ochre. The girl continues along a red dirt road as a truck approaches her. The vehicle stops and the girl accepts a lift. The driver questions her, but she ...


Aunty Connie, 2006: Imperfecta

This clip shows Aunty Connie recalling her childhood at the Forrest River Mission in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Archival footage of the mission hospital and children playing outside is intercut with footage of Aunty Connie speaking about the way her childhood activities were limited by 'osteogenesis imperfecta', ...


Florentine Valley logging, 1981

This is a black-and-white photograph of a logging operation in the Florentine Valley in south-western Tasmania about 80 km west of Hobart. A gravel road runs along one side of the valley, and there is a number of large eucalypt logs in a cleared area beside it. A machine is being used to lift the logs onto a multiwheeled ...

Interactive resource

Aches and pains: acne

Look closely at the structure of sweat glands in human skin. Find out how pimples form through interactions between hormones, sweat glands and bacteria. Learn how the body responds to acne, and how it can be prevented or treated. Test your knowledge by answering multiple-choice questions. This learning object is one in ...


Whale oil as a cure for rheumatism, Twofold Bay, early 1900s

This is a black-and-white photograph (12.0 cm x 16.4 cm) taken at Eden, New South Wales, showing the master whaler Charlie Davidson sitting in one of two 'try pots' in the foreground as another whaler, Roy Davidson, pours whale oil over him. Two other whalers, Jack Davidson and Alex ('Allie') Greig, are standing nearby, ...