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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Ecosystems  >  Symbiosis  >  Parasitism

Hairy flower wasps

This is an information sheet which describes hairy flower wasps, Family Scoliidae, and gives information about their appearance, distribution, behaviour and life cycle.

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Using fodder to reduce parasites and pollution

Find out about a surprising approach that could help control cattle parasites and at the same time reduce cattle greenhouse gas emissions. Listen to Associate Professor Phil Vercoe and research fellow Zoe Dermitch explain the biological effects ('bioactive properties') that fodder plants could have on the cattle that graze ...

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Leaping tall felines in a single bound

Discover one of the greatest high-jumpers of the animal world. If cat-fleas were the size of humans, they could jump 400 metres into the air! Find out how and why these tiny jumpers leap so high.


Potatoes infested by the golden potato cyst nematode

The photograph is of a potato crop that is turning yellow from a disease called golden potato cyst nematode. It has been infested by a microscopic animal called a nematode. The disease can cause total crop failure.


Queensland fruit fly

This is a colour photograph of a Queensland fruit fly ('Bactrocera tryoni'). (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Diptera, Family: Tephritidae.)

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All about eggs:animal welfare - whatis it all about?

This interactive lesson enables students to understand how the growth and survival of a hen is affected by the physical conditions of its environment. They will gain knowledge of the ways in which egg farmers care for their hens and how the government enforces strict guidelines to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Students ...

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What have we got here: mistletoe

This five minute snapshot video about the Australian native parasitic mistletoe debunks some myths associated with mistletoe. It explains the role that mistletoe plays in the ecosystem such as attracting birds, providing food for animals, protecting them from predators. The video also covers seed dispersal, germination ...