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Scrapbook compiled by Mary Truby King, 1928-2002

This is a personal scrapbook compiled by Mary Truby King, mostly in the 1930s. It is a thick bound foolscap book with heavy marbled cardboard covers and a maroon leather spine. Its blank pages are numbered and the first pages have alphabetical tabs. The scrapbook contains pasted clippings of Truby King's own articles from ...


Maternal behaviour of wolf spiders

This is an information sheet describing the maternal behaviour of wolf spiders (Family Lycosidae).

Moving Image

My Place - Episode 15: 1868: Minna, Making amends

Minna and Adelaide confess to stealing the lantern after Mr Owen refuses to return it to Mr Wong. Minna's father has her make amends for her transgression by working for Mr Wong - a punishment that Mr Owen finds inappropriate.


Winners - Just Friends, 1985: 'I'm not the one who got pregnant!'

This clip shows a tense scene at a family dinner table, where the parents of two teenage girls are having to defend their decision not to allow their younger daughter, Susan, to attend a party. Susan reacts to the decision by deflecting the argument to her older sister's pregnancy. The next scene takes place in the girls' ...

Moving Image

Margaret Mead's perspective on parenting, 1973

Do you think society's attitudes towards marriage and parenting change over time? Do you share the same views about these things as your grandparents or great-grandparents? In this clip, made in 1973 and featuring anthropologist Dr Margaret Mead, explore some of the factors that influence the way you view parenting. Reflect ...

Interactive resource

The Sven Callaway Show: parenting

Watch a talk show host interviewing people about parenting issues: students, health experts and a studio audience. Look at fertility treatment, sex roles, custody, birthing choices and family relationships. Explore a range of opinions including 'way out' ideas. Notice how people interpret facts differently. Research a topic, ...

Interactive resource

The Sven Callaway Show: sex

Watch a talk show host interviewing people about personal relationships: students, health experts and a studio audience. Look at sexually transmitted diseases, sexuality, contraception and peer pressure. Explore a range of opinions including 'way out' ideas. Notice how people interpret facts differently. Research a topic, ...


Siege of the South, 1931: Main Base, Commonwealth Bay

This black-and-white clip filmed and narrated by Frank Hurley shows the visit in 1929 to the abandoned Main Base Hut at Cape Denison on Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica by an expedition led by Sir Douglas Mawson. Outside the hut Mawson is shown brewing a billy, while his crew force ice off the front door. The interior of ...


Animal behaviours

This collection of 25 digital curriculum resources allows students to investigate a range of animal behaviours - defensive behaviours; reproductive behaviours; locomotion; communication; feeding behaviours; adaptive behaviours; and nesting behaviours. Images enable students to build a picture of behaviours such as the strategies ...


Animal weapons: lion

This is a colour clip showing the alliance between female lions ('Panthera leo') in a pride. The females, all related, cooperate in hunting and care of the young. The clip shows that a lion's most effective weapon is not its teeth or claws but its ability to hunt in a pride. There is footage of female lions cooperating ...


Children learning road safety, 1973

This is a black-and-white photograph of three young children standing on the edge of a road looking out for passing cars. The children are following the Australian traffic safety mantra - look to the right, look to the left and look to the right again - before crossing the road. The photograph was taken during the shooting ...


Winners - Room to Move, 1985: Fulfilling her father’s dream

This clip shows Carol (Nicole Kidman) arguing with her father (Terence Donovan) over the family dinner table because she does not want to attend an athletics training program. Carol says that she wants to complete homework instead but her father is disappointed and wants to make sure that her athletic talents are not wasted. ...


Nature of Australia - Land of Flood and Fire, 1988: Walking on water

This clip shows comb-crested jacanas rearing their young in a paperbark swamp in northern Australia. The early scenes show the male bird 'brooding' three eggs in a small nest built on the top of floating lily pads. The following scenes show the female defending the male from other females. In the next scene the chicks have ...


Only the Brave, 1994: 'Everyone has to do it, Alex'

This clip shows the alienation and teenage angst of close friends Vicki (Dora Kaskanis) and Alex (Elena Mandalis). Arriving at Vicki's house to collect her friend, Alex silently observes the oppressive family atmosphere. Later on, in an abandoned train, the friends discuss a party they have been to and Vicki's busy social ...


Seven Deadly Sins - Envy, 1992: For fear of it finishing

This clip shows Kerry's mother washing Kerry's hair over the kitchen sink and giving advice on Kerry's boyfriend Jack. The two women are seen in close-up as they discuss Jack, men in general and then Kerry's violent father. As if in flashback the camera pans across the set, 70s disco music fades in and the figure of Kerry's ...

Teacher resource

Activities: History, Episode 1 - Childhood

This resource for History teachers is focused on a variety of childhood experiences in Australia, and also relates to childbearing and the women's movement. It supports a set of short excerpts from Episode 1 of 'The Making of Modern Australia', a 2010 ABC television documentary series. This series investigates the social ...


Skin and scales, feathers and fur

This collection of media resources focuses on the features of a variety of animals and how these features help the animals meet their needs for food, shelter and safety from predators.