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'Iceman' electric guitar , 1996-98

This is an Ibanez Iceman electric guitar made in Japan between 1996 and 1998. It features an irregularly shaped mahogany body with a 'galactic green' finish and a white star pattern. The case (not shown) is made of black fabric over ply and has sustained extensive damage. The lining of the case is dark velour fabric. The ...

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The old australian record industry

Discover a time in Australia's past when the vinyl record industry was thriving. Today you can download your choice of music at almost any time or place. But in this clip from 1963 you will experience life before music downloads and compact discs (CDs): the age of vinyl records. These records created a teenage mass market ...

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Twinkle, twinkle, little ducks

A class of children join in a singing lesson on their first day of school in 1974. Watch and see how school has changed, and stayed the same, over time.

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Gathering dance forces

Choreographer Stephen Page works with the dancers of Bangarra Dance Theatre (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dancers) and The Australian Ballet to create a new dance for the program 'Gathering'. Discover what happens when two sets of artists with their own cultural traditions, training and approaches to storytelling ...

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Dancing 'the state of the air'

Discover how dance and dancers can communicate the experience of weather. Choreographer Lucy Guerin introduces her dance work 'Weather' and talks about her ideas for creating a performance. Find out what drew her to this surprising subject and why she feels dance is an excellent medium for expressing ideas and different ...

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Dancing identity

What do ancient rhythms and the locking and popping of hip- hop dance have in common? Choreographer Shaun Parker was inspired by both ancient and contemporary dance forms when he created 'AM I', a dance piece that explores what it means to be human in the 21st century. Explore how six dancers, a large screen, live musicians ...

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Dancing with cacti

Can you imagine dancing with a cactus? Alexander Ekman, a young choreographer from Sweden, thought critics often told audiences how they should think and feel when they watch a dance. He felt people should be allowed to make up their own minds. Watch this clip to see how he has fun with this idea in a dance called 'Cacti' ...

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Emergence of a dance

Do you always know how something will turn out before you begin? In creating the dance work 'Emergence' for the Sydney Dance Company, choreographer Rafael Bonachela and designer Benjamin Cisterne didn't. From interesting images they collected and discussed, both the dance and the design emerged. Bonachela created movement ...

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Dance up close: Pina in 3D

How can film get close to the experience of a live performance? Director Wim Wenders created PINA as a feature-length dance film tribute to the German choreographer Pina Bausch, who died in the summer of 2009. This clip shows sections of two of the works performed by Tanztheater Wuppertal, which were filmed using 3D film ...

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A dancer's dancing day

What do dancers need to do to keep at the top of their game and be ready to respond to the demands of working on new choreography? Thomas Bradley, a Sydney Dance Company member, takes us through his daily routine as a full-time dancer during the making of the dance '2 One Another'. The choreographer working with Bradley ...

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Connecting sculpture to dance

The former artistic director of Chunky Move, choreographer Gideon Obarzanek, was inspired by the sculptures of Reuben Margolin to create the dance 'Connected'. These sculptures made him think about what happens when a dancer begins to dance on stage and the way they transform from a person to a body in space.

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Songmakers - How to rule the music world

This series of short films and accompanying resources explores song writing, music production and the Australian music industry. It is a structured series of clips from a video recording of a question and answer sessions between students and music producers, broken into short segments of students performing original compositions, ...


Sven Libaek reflects on producing music for 'Faces of Australia', 2006

This is an edited sound recording of the musician and composer, Sven Libaek, speaking about producing music for a 1968 film called 'Faces of Australia'. Sydney-based Libaek explains that he had to perform the task without having been shown any film by director Werner Wollek. He gives details of the musical group he formed, ...


World rhythms: tabla

This is a teaching and learning activity to construct and play a tabla or tube-la (double drum). The activity provides a brief history of the tabla, information about the materials needed to make it, time required, assessment strategies, the construction process, how to play the instrument and extension ideas. Tabla artefacts ...


Music profile: Street Warriors

This is a resource profiling Street Warriors (Awabakal brothers Abie and Warwick Wright - aka Predator and Wok), a pioneering and well-known Aboriginal hip-hop group from Newcastle. The resource includes: a summary of their career; a publicity shot; a 'Deadly sounds' video clip from the television series 'Move it mob style'; ...


Music profile: Wire MC

This is a resource profiling Wire MC, a Gumbayngirri hip-hop musician and rap lyricist from Bowraville in New South Wales. The resource includes a colour photograph, an introduction to his musical career, and 'Listen up' audio of his 2008 single 'Bring it on' and the title track from his 2009 album 'Whossat on da wotsat'. ...


Music profile: Cassandra Williams

This is a resource profiling singer-guitarist Cassandra Williams from Hermannsburg in the Northern Territory. The resource comprises: an introduction to her musical career and family connections to well-known Aboriginal musicians including the renowned Gus Williams; the cover image of her 2009 album 'Desert Pop Lock and ...


Music profile: Jimblah

This is a resource profiling Jimblah, an independent hip-hop artist, MC, writer and producer, and member of the Larrakia, Yanyuwa, Bardi and Wardaman nations. The resource consists of: a publicity shot; a short introduction to the influences on his music, range of gigs, Hilltop Hoods Award and debut album; a 'Listen up' ...


Music profile: The Last Kinection

This is a resource profiling The Last Kinection (TLK), the multi-award-winning Aboriginal hip-hop band from Newcastle, New South Wales. The band members are Kabbi Kabbi siblings, Joel Wenitong (Weno) and Naomi Wenitong (Nay), and their longtime friend Jacob Turier (DJ Jaytee). The resource consists of: an introduction to ...


Music profile: Tjimba and the Yung Warriors

This is a resource profiling Melbourne-based Tjimba and the Yung Warriors, an Aboriginal hip-hop and rap group, featuring Anmatyerre and Yorta Yorta musician Tjimba Possum Burns, his Yorta Yorta brother Narjic Day Burns and Anmatyerre cousin Danny Ramzan. The resource includes: an introduction to Tjimba and Danny and their ...