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Attitudes towards Chinese migrants

Students explore in depth what life was like for Chinese immigrants who travelled to Australia in search of gold through comparison and analysis of images, identification of goldfield locations and examining their local community connections with Chinese people. This learning sequence focuses on Australian attitudes toward ...


Respecting and protecting human rights

This is a compilation of six teaching sequences about respecting and protecting human rights. It includes sections on safety, rights and responsibilities, the value of education, children’s rights, escaping conflict, and international days associated with human rights. The section on rights for all enables the Convention ...


Run That Town (iOS App)

Run That Town is a strategy game that lets players use real 2011 Census data in the context of simulated community level decision making. It assists players to make connections between the value of relevant data and making informed decisions. Players can decide for themselves how much time they spend in the game. This is ...


ABS Stats (iOS App)

This is an app that provides ABS data at your fingertips. There are three sections to this app: Key Indicators (including economic indicators and population estimates), Census data (2011 information and facts related to people, families and dwellings) and Population (a population clock which displays the current population ...


Location, location, location - teacher resource

This resource provides learning strategies and sequenced activities to develop geographical terminology and encourage the use of geographical tools as students describe and compare the natural and human characteristics of places. A collection of photographs is included in the resource as stimulus material. Part 1 examines ...


Oxfam Hunger Banquets

This is a wide-ranging set of resources to assist school communities in hosting Oxfam hunger banquets that allow students experience the inequalities within the global food system and learn about the causes of global hunger and the issues of food security first-hand. The resources include a playlist of at least 15 videos ...


Gapminder HIV chart

This resource is a scatter plot designed for print in the form of a downloadable PDF. The scatter plot shows the percentage of adults between 15 and 49 years of age who are infected with HIV vs income per person for about 200 countries. The size of the points (bubbles) for each country in the chart represents the number ...


Food security in Australia

How much food does Australia produce, and what does this mean for food security in Australia? Watch this clip to find out about the factors that influence food production and crop yields, and also about the role that science and technology play. How will future population growth affect global food production and security?


World Bank HealthStats DataFinder - iTunes app

Explore current data for a range of indicators relating to health, nutrition and population throughout the world. Select by country, topic such as immunisation, or indicator and view the data in tables, graphs and maps. Users can choose how to display the data including ranking results as well as comparing several countries ...


World Bank Poverty & Inequality DataFinder - iTunes app

Explore current data for a range of indicators relating to poverty and inequality throughout the world. Select by country, group (global region or income group), or indicator and view the data in tables, graphs and maps. Includes brief information relating to each country and a definition of each of the indicators. The ...


Laptop wrap – improving liveability

A page with a focus on using geographical data to plan for future community needs, with supporting activities and links to resources.


Gapminder card game

This teacher resource consists of a guide for using a card game based on Gapminder world to encourage students to consider the inequalities between countries and to challenge their preconceived ideas about the world. The downloadable PDF contains printable country cards and the Gapminder world map graph - a scatter plot ...


Data in Gapminder world

This resource is a dataset providing data for a number of indicators of development over time for more than 200 countries. The indicators fall into the following categories: population, health, economy, environment, work, infrastructure, energy and education, with over 500 sets of data in total. Each set of data can be ...


Teacher's guide: 200 years that changed the world

This is a teacher resource explaining how to use an animated scatter plot from Gapminder world in the context of a presentation to students about global development over the past 200 years. The resource consists of a step-by-step guide to making effective use of the scatter plot, which represents the development in wealth ...