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Carting paper to the stores

This is an excerpt from a 1910 silent documentary film, 'The Sydney Morning Herald'. It shows men on a wharf in Sydney, New South Wales, in the process of rolling large cylinders of paper up a ladder-like ramp onto a dray. Once loaded, the horses and drays are shown carting the paper through Sydney streets to the stores ...


Women stapling ration books, 1943

This is a sepia-toned photograph, taken in April 1943, of young women at the South Australian Government Printing Office using large machines to staple ration books.


Stanhope Press, 1800s

This is the top section of a large cast-iron printing press that was brought to South Australia by the printer and publisher Robert Thomas from Britain on the ship 'Africaine' in 1836. The press is of the Stanhope type and measures 151 cm (height) x 160 cm (width) x 96 cm (depth), and is mounted on a wooden base (not visible ...


Fawkner printing press, c1700s

This is the Fawkner printing press, dating from the 18th century, on which the first print edition of the Melbourne Advertiser, Melbourne's first newspaper, was printed in 1838. The wooden press is not complete, as only its central structure and carriage have survived.


The Sydney Morning Herald, 1911: Stereotyping at Fairfax

This clip was filmed in 1911 and shows two men at the 'Sydney Morning Herald' composing type for a newspaper page in a rectangular steel frame and then making a soft mould of the type as part of the stereotyping process. The black-and-white clip is silent and uses intertitles to introduce the key stages of production: 'MAKING ...


The Sydney Morning Herald, 1911: Preparing the printing machine

This silent black-and-white clip shows a group of workers at the 'Sydney Morning Herald' unloading the metal plates of each page from the lift into the printing room. The workers furnish the large printing machine with a roll of paper and the metal plates. The clip uses an intertitle to introduce the stage of production: ...


The Sydney Morning Herald, 1911: Folding mechanism of print machine

This clip shows workers at the 'Sydney Morning Herald' overseeing the mechanical process of folding and compiling newspapers. Once compiled, the newspapers are transferred onto trays on a mechanical hoist and transported to the distribution room. An intertitle, 'MECHANICAL HOIST TAKING THE PAPERS TO THE PUBLISHING ROOM', ...