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Apple II software game manual - 'A2-FS2 Flight Simulator II', 1983

This is the cover of a manual for an Apple II flight simulation game called 'A2-FS2 Flight Simulator II'. It shows a stylised seated figure hovering over a runway. In front of the figure is a suspended computer screen showing another runway and various instrument readings. In the background are snow-topped mountains. Text ...


User manual for the 'Cold Flame' kerosene domestic refrigerator, c1950

This is a 32-page brochure dating from the 1940-50s, providing instructions for the installation, operation and maintenance of the 'Cold Flame' kerosene domestic refrigerator manufactured by Charles Hope Ltd. It also includes recipes. The brochure format is: width 180 mm, depth 5 mm, heigh: 240 mm, page size: 180 x 240 mm.

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Count along with an eight-step magic trick

Watch a magician perform a magic trick with eight steps. Count each step. Find out what happens in the last step, step eight. Something is supposed to vanish. Do you think it will? Find out.

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Patterns for personalising your clothes

If you use paper patterns to make clothes that fit your body size and shape correctly, you get the added advantage of a unique garment that you won't see others wearing. See how to make a garment by downloading patterns from the internet and using them as a template for the fabric you have chosen.

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Adjusting a recipe

Do you know how to adjust a recipe? See how quantities of ingredients are changed based on keeping the same proportions. Find out how to adjust a recipe if you have to feed twice as many or half as many people as the recipe suggests.

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Treasure hunt

Can you read a map and follow directions? Well if you can chances are you can help us find the buried treasure. You'll need to know right from left, east from west, clockwise from anti-clockwise and over from under. Got all that? See you at Buccaneer's Refuge 'me hearties, arrgh'. Remember X marks the spot!

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Piece of cake

What makes some cakes light and fluffy and others dense and heavy? Watch this clip to see how to make a cake with a light, fluffy texture. Find out the role of ingredients such as sugar, butter, flour and eggs. And see why baking powder might be a useful ingredient to add to your cake mix.

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Kitchen science

There are many different chemical reactions at work when we cook food. Watch this video to discover how some chefs have turned their kitchens into laboratories to experiment with food to create the perfect dish!

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Starting Smart: changing matters: instruct and explain

This curriculum package provides teachers with background information, lesson plans, activities and resources for a ten-week unit of work for students in years 1-3 focusing on poetry and song texts. The lessons model a range of teaching and learning strategies to explore the text purpose, organisation, language structures ...


Basil pesto - literacy recipe

This recipe demonstrates a food preparation technique through a sequence of images and procedural steps. Students learn to use a mortar and pestle properly as they make basil pesto using fresh garden ingredients. The recipe can be used for literacy.

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This is a short animated video, suitable for children in the early and mid-primary years of schooling, about procedures. The video begins by defining a procedure as a text that provides a set of instructions written in the correct order, and giving some examples. Using the specific example of a procedure about how to make ...

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Making a mask - item 1 of 3

This is an online resource that focuses on how to make a mask. It contains a video featuring mask-maker and performer Fleur Hockey demonstrating how to make a papier-mache mask, three activity sheets, a template for designing the mask, and teacher notes that include extension activities and activities for other learning ...

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This is a collection of interactive Italian language activities about the words and expressions used in salutations, introductions, transactions, and in exchanges about time and weather. It comprises four sections: Greetings, Vocabolario per la classe, Stagioni e mesi, and Giorni della settimana. Each section has an introduction ...


Introductory food vocabulary

This is a collection of digital activities and printable worksheets for the Italian language curriculum focusing on what foods and drinks people like most, eat at mealtimes, and buy and cook, and on common instructions in recipes. It introduces the words for many foods and drinks, and words and expressions used for mealtimes. ...

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La mappa misteriosa: episode 10 - vocabulary and grammar

This is a set of interactive tutorials and activities that focus on the Italian vocabulary and verbs at the centre of episode 10 of 'La mappa misteriosa'. They cover means of transport, the conjugation of the reflexive verb 'lavarsi', the different uses of the verbs 'conoscere' and 'sapere', and the modal verb 'potere'. ...

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La mappa misteriosa: episode 4 - Letters by numbers

This is episode 4 of 'La mappa misteriosa', a 12-episode video series for Italian language students. This episode focuses on how to ask for and give directions using maps. The scenes take place in a real university library in Bologna that showcases ancient books and documents. The story, based in Bologna, follows Renata ...

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La mappa misteriosa: episode 10 - Off the beaten track

This is episode 10 of 'La mappa misteriosa', a 12-episode video series for Italian language students. This episode focuses on revising some of the language functions encountered in previous episodes, such as the use of 'c'è' and 'ci sono', how to talk on the phone and how to exchange directions. It introduces more words ...

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Probability and pancakes

This is an integrated unit of work around the Kenyan village tale, 'Mama Panya's Pancakes'. Intended for years 3 and 4 and written from a global education perspective, the resource consists of five single- or multi-lesson activities, titled: Possibly, possibly not; Mama Panya's Pancakes; Mapping the journey; How much and ...

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Get your hands on my food

This is a lesson plan about where food comes from and how it food production processes change it. Concepts explored include: changes in food, methods of past and present food production, sequencing of food production steps and the transformation of food. The resource is presented as a Teacher guide and includes: Learning ...

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Lunch Box Blitz: build a healthy lunch box - lower primary

This website provides resources for teachers, parents and students promoting student health and well-being including lesson plans, student resources including posters, recipes and activities. The resources can be downloaded and easily reproduced for classroom use. The website also provides parent information licensed for ...