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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Marketing  >  Public relations
Interactive resource

Innovation cycle: service

Look at processes and skills needed for after-sales service. Explore a case study on global support for catamaran ferries made in Australia by Incat. See how the innovators provide services such as training, maintenance and emergency repairs. Investigate problems customers might have with a tent after buying it. Choose ...


The Club, 1980: The end of Ted Parker

This clip shows the ruthless internal politics of a fictional Australian Rules football club. Club president Ted Parker (Graham Kennedy) is put under pressure to resign after allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced in the press. Ted vigorously defends his position to the committee and reveals his determination to ...


Dirty War, 2005: 'The Americans are coming'

This clip shows the arrival of US military personnel in central Queensland prior to the joint military training exercises held by the USA and Australia known as Operation Talisman Sabre 2005. A narrator describes the public relations exercise that took place to encourage goodwill, and members of the public view military ...


A Home of Their Own, 1949: The housing problem in Victoria

This clip shows scenes of overcrowded inner-city streets and houses in Melbourne in 1949 and contrasts this with images of newly built spacious suburban homes and gardens. To an upbeat orchestral soundtrack a narrator first introduces a family living in congested inner-city housing then cuts to a young engaged couple expressing ...

Interactive Resource

MoneySmart: consumer rights - mobile phones

This is a role-play activity about making choices to buy a mobile phone and seek consumer redress when the phone fails to meet stated expectations. The character's first independent choice is the colour of the phone. Then she is given choices about what to do when the phone in the box is the wrong colour and when she can't ...