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'Hammond Visible' hand-powered petrol pump, c1920s

This is a hand-powered Hammond Visible petrol pump produced in Australia in 1924. The red painted metal body is cylindrical with a black base and cap. At the top is a glass-faced measurement device with readings of 1 to 4 gallons marked on it. A metal fitting located below the gauge has a nylon hose attached, with a metal ...


Water management for poverty reduction

This is a three-minute animated video about the difference that access to motor pumps for irrigation can make to poor farming families' food security and livelihood. It aims to persuade viewers that irrigation technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa are a worthy investment. The video sets the scene by illustrating the importance ...


VentrAssist implantable blood pump, 2006

This is a VentrAssist implantable blood pump designed by Ventracor and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney, in 1997-99 and made by Ventracor in 2006. It features a titanium heart-shaped pump attached to a blue rectangular control box via a metal-and-plastic lead. The control box has a liquid ...


Electric lift, 1920s

This is a single-person electric cage lift at the Spotswood Pumping Station, Victoria.


'RainBank' pump controller, 2004

This is a black 'RainBank' rectangular pump controller, manufactured from metal, plastic and paper by Davey Products Pty Ltd, Scoresby. It features brass and plastic threaded protrusions, a yellow manual start button, a three-point plug and the power cord. 'RainBank household water savings' is printed on the front and back. ...


Children playing on a water pump stand, Lake Boga, Victoria, c1910

This image is from a photographic negative titled 'Lake Boga - wooden tower and bathers'. It shows children playing on a wooden water pump stand designed for filling portable water tanks. The stand is located on the lake shore. Other children are playing with a small boat and paddle in the shallows.


Steam pumping engine, 1914

This is a steam-powered pumping engine at Spotswood Pumping Station, Victoria.


Heat pump hot water system, 2001

This is a 'Turbo Compact Eyre, 270 litre' heat pump hot water system manufactured in 2001 by Quantum Energy, Australia. The tank has a cross-section cut out of it by the manufacturer to show its internal workings while on display at an exhibition. The unit is made from steel, glass, aluminium, copper, plastic and polyurethane ...


Centrifugal pump motor - MMBW Spotswood Sewerage Pumping Station, 1938

This is an electric pump motor made by the British General Electric Company, serial no. C20628, 400 horsepower, 440 volt. It is 1720 mm high, 1355 mm long and 1153 mm wide. This equipment forms part of the Spotswood Pumping Station Collection at Museum Victoria.


Electrical control panel, c1923

This is an electrical control panel unit, protected by a grille, at the Spotswood Pumping Station.


Flow meter, c1923

This is a Type A 'Orivent' Meter Recorder at the No 4 pumping well at Spotswood Pumping Station. The meter features a chart recorder to record fluctuations in water pressure, and the rate of flow was indicated on six small dial gauges. The instrument is enclosed in a glass case.


Air compressor, c1926

This is an electrically powered horizontal air compressor at the Spotswood Pumping Station, Victoria.


Access to safe water and sanitation

This is a compilation of seven teaching sequences about access to safe water and sanitation. It includes sections on access to safe water and adequate sanitation services; water collection and use; ways water is accessed in some developing countries; use of appropriate technology to produce safe, clean water and toilets; ...