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Listed under:  Language  >  Language conventions  >  Punctuation  >  Question marks

BBC Bitesize: use of punctuation - worksheet

This is a brief, printable worksheet where students insert the correct punctuation into gaps in sentences. The punctuation marks required include full stops, question marks and speech marks. This resource is one of a series of online resources from the BBC's Bitesize collection.

Moving Image

A song about goannas

Goannas are a type of Australian lizards. Listen to the lyrics of the song performed by Don Spencer that asks lots of fun questions about goannas. Watch some goannas moving through the bush and looking for food.

Interactive Resource

BBC Skillswise: sentence shooter - activity

This is a game about inserting full stops, exclamation marks or question marks to correctly complete a given sentence. Students can choose whether to play the game at an easy or hard level, and if they do not select the right end punctuation at either level, the correct response is displayed on the screen. A 'How to play' ...

Interactive Resource

BBC Skillswise: pin bored punctuation - activity

This is a game about punctuation for the end of sentences. In the game students select full stops, exclamation marks or question marks to complete a series of sentences correctly. Basic advice about the use of end punctuation is available from a short 'Help' screen. Students receive simple right/wrong feedback with correct ...

Interactive Resource

Putting speech marks in their place

This resource focuses on how to use speech marks correctly, with information, links and activities. This resource supports the Australian Curriculum in English K–10.