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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Machinery  >  Refrigeration

Publicity brochure for Frigidaire domestic refrigerators, 1938

This is a colour brochure dating from 1938 that advertises the 'Frigidaire' brand electric refrigerators made by General Motors-Holden Ltd. Titled 'Frigidaire - Better than ever before!' the brochure features a white and blue background with black text and black-and-white photographs. The front features a hand-tinted photograph. ...


Toora Vale Ice Company Advertisement: The Ice Man Was Never Like This, c1934

This black-and-white clip shows an animated cinema advertisement for the Toora Vale Ice Company that promotes ice refrigerators over electric ones. It opens with a repairman crouching before a broken electric refrigerator as an alarmed housewife looks on and the narrator predicts the family will soon replace the 'costly' ...


Toora Vale Ice Company Advertisement: Welcome Mr Ice Man, c1934

This black-and-white clip from the 1930s shows a cinema advertisement for the Toora Vale Ice Company that promotes ice and ice refrigerators as products that provide 'health and comfort'. An ice delivery man is shown delivering ice to a suburban home before the clip cuts to a kitchen where a housewife displays her ice refrigerator. ...


A rabbiter delivering his catch, 1945

This is a black-and-white photograph of a rabbiter handing his catch to the operator of a refrigerated truck. The rabbiter is shown seated on a bicycle, on which four rabbits are still hanging. A Jack Russell terrier sits next to the rabbiter's bike.


Processing rabbits for export, 1945

This is a black-and-white photograph of five male employees working in a rabbit-processing plant. The mid ground and background of the photograph show the men at work next to a conveyor belt onto which clean carcasses are loaded. In the foreground are hundreds of dead rabbits waiting for processing and scores of discarded ...


Food shopping in Sydney, 1949 - asset 1

This is a black-and-white photograph of customers and sales assistants at the delicatessen counter in the food hall of a large Sydney department store, probably David Jones. The counter is a refrigerated cabinet in which meat is displayed and sausages are visible at one end. Customers interact with some of the ten male ...