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Casting nearby for extras

Have you ever wondered how all those people in the background of a film or television drama are chosen? Mary Torrens, a Bundjalung woman from Casino in New South Wales, is the Extras Casting Coordinator for the Indigenous Australian television series 'The Gods of Wheat Street'. Her community connections have enabled her ...


'Le Patineur Grotesque', 1896

This silent black-and-white footage from a longer piece shows a man smoking a cigar while performing on rollerskates for a crowd in a Melbourne park. The crowd is made up of mainly men with a few boys and one woman. As he skates backwards and forwards the man bends forward and lifts his coat to reveal a white hand printed ...

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Sharing stories: community

This is a rich resource about the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' communities and identities. It consists of an introduction; a teacher guide; a film, 'My people, the Karajarri people', made by Wynston Shoveller about the Mowla Bluff massacre in the Kimberley region in 1916; and a video interview ...

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Sharing stories: films by location

This is a map providing links to films about culture, ancestral beings, beliefs and country from eight Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities around Australia. The films are 'The story of Girbar' from the Thabu clan; 'Miiku and Tinta' from the Umpila people; 'Moon and the gecko' from the Paakantji people; 'Bunjil ...


FW Thring Introduces the Stars, 1931

This black-and-white clip shows Frank Thring senior, film director and studio head, giving a speech on stage in Melbourne in November 1931. He introduces his all-Australian talking picture program and the stars who feature in the films, expressing his pride in his achievement and his hopes for the Australian film industry. ...


The 1930s Golden Era of Australian Movies - A Tribute to Ken Hall, 1988

This clip shows pioneer Australian filmmaker Ken G Hall speaking directly to camera about the making of the 1932 film 'On Our Selection' and about the effect of the film on his career. Hall says that he was initially reluctant to make the film, but was won over by the commercial sensibilities of writer-performer Bert Bailey ...


Grandad Rudd, 1935: A country cricket match

This black-and-white clip taken from the 1935 feature 'Grandad Rudd' shows 34 runs being scored off the last ball to give the Rudd family victory in a cricket match against the Regan family. Set on a country cricket ground, the clip opens with Grandad Rudd hitting the ball into a well. As the excited crowd in the pavilion ...


Thoroughbred, 1936: Stormalong's last race

This black-and-white clip from the feature film 'Thoroughbred' (1936) shows the champion horse Stormalong racing in the Melbourne Cup, being shot and then dying after winning. It opens with scenes of the race intercut with scenes of spectators and a glimpse of a gunman. The action then shifts to trainer Tommy Dawson (Frank ...


'The enemy within', 1918 - asset 2

This is an image, probably a publicity still, showing Reginald 'Snowy' Baker, a famous Australian athlete, boxing promoter, silent movie star and, later, Hollywood stunt man, in mid air leaping from one car to another. The still was taken from his first feature film, the 1918 Australian silent movie 'The enemy within', ...


Embedding Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum

This website presents a range of professional learning and digital resources to support teachers in incorporating Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum. It provides resources that enable Australian teachers and students to value, understand and explore Indigenous cultures, languages, histories and stories.


Helping our heroes, 1918

This is an extract from the 367th edition of the silent newsreel, 'Australasian Gazette', filmed and screened in 1918. The extract shows men and women of the Randwick Volunteer Workers Association clearing land intended for servicemen returning from the First World War. It also shows the women serving the men with cups ...


Shearing shed, 1921

This is an image, possibly a publicity still, from the 1921 silent movie 'A girl of the bush'. The still shows shearers at work in the shearing shed and the lead character, Lorna Denver, played by Vera James, standing in the centre, flanked by other principal characters. The captions read 'The Shearing Shed at Kangaroo ...


'The story of the Kelly gang', 1906 - asset 2

This is a still from the 1906 movie 'The story of the Kelly gang', the first feature-length dramatised film made in Australia and possibly the world. The still, labelled 'Death of Dan Kelly and Steve Hart', shows two men lying dead on the floor of a bar and two men shooting at each other across the room. The men shooting ...


A dance in 1923

This is a still taken from the 1923 Australian silent movie, 'The dingo'. It shows five couples dancing.


Sitting around a table in 1923

This is a still taken from the 1923 Australian silent movie, 'The dingo'. It shows four women and three men, all in evening dress, sitting around a table.


Lobby card for 'Waltzing Matilda', 1933

This is a lobby card for the 1933 Australian film 'Waltzing Matilda'. It shows the famous New Zealand actor and producer, Pat Hanna (Chic Williams in the film), holding a billycan and the Australian actor Norman French (James Brown in the film), lying on a riverbank in front of a campfire.


Arthur Tauchert at Newcastle

This is a 1920s photograph showing Arthur Tauchert, the Australian vaudeville performer and silent movie star (left foreground), at the beach. It is labelled 'Newcastle'. The photograph also shows 24 others - men, women and children, most of whom are in bathing costumes. This photograph is in Arthur Tauchert's scrapbook ...


1918 film of Burke and Wills - asset 1

This is a photograph taken in 1917 during the filming of the Australian silent film 'A romance of the Burke and Wills expedition of 1860', which was released in 1918. The photograph shows two women in costume on a lowered camel, flanked by two men.


1918 film of Burke and Wills - asset 2

This is an image from the 1918 Australian silent film 'A romance of the Burke and Wills expedition of 1860'. It shows three male characters walking through the scrubby desert.


'Safety pays' - asset 2

This is an unposed image of a group of six children on the beach, watching an adult perform artificial respiration. It is obviously a still, as the edges of the movie film are showing. It was taken from a story called 'Safety pays' in the newsreel 'Australasian Gazette', which was filmed in 1927.