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Christine Dunlop dressed for First Communion with her aunt, Northcote, 1959

This is a black-and-white photograph of Christine Dunlop with her aunt, Sister Anne-Mary, in the back garden of the convent of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Northcote. Christine is dressed for First Communion, which was hosted by Sister Anne-Mary. The photograph was taken on 25 October 1959. The image is a digital scan ...


Summary of James Holmes Fleming's wartime service in 'Mapping our Anzacs', 1915

The document seen here is an extract from the First World War service dossier of James Holmes Fleming, as it appears on the National Archives of Australia website, 'Mapping our Anzacs'. This highly important website contains 375,971 records of service in the Australian Army during the First World War. It is accessed via ...


Pope Paul VI's visit to Australia

This is a photograph taken of Pope Paul VI on his visit to Australia in 1970. He is shown seated on a folding stool reading into a microphone on a stand. Across the mosaic inlay of the floor, we see the feet, lower limbs and garments of four other clergymen.


Welsh migrant family, 1963

This is a photograph of Welsh migrants in their new home, Australia, in 1963. They are Robert and Jennie Hughs, their son Geraint, Eira Jones, who may be Jennie's mother, Jennie's sister Gwyneth Jones, and an unidentified woman. They are speaking with Maldwyn Ree, the session clerk of the Welsh Presbyterian Church in Sydney.


Pope Paul VI's visit to Australia, 1970

This is a black-and-white photograph of about 100 nuns and priests in an audience listening to an unseen speaker on the occasion of the first papal visit to Australia in 1970. The event is likely to have been the service given by Pope Paul VI on 2 December 1970 in the Sydney Town Hall.


The Business of Making Saints, 1994: Flying friar

This clip shows a series of paintings of Saint Joseph of Cupertino who was known as the Flying friar. A voice-over narration and an interview with Brother Joseph Wood (a Franciscan friar) tell the story of the Italian saint who was believed to levitate when he prayed. The clip shows the bedroom of St Joseph of Cupertino ...


Compass - Buddha Realms, Part 1, 2001: Buddha and the Bodhi Tree

This clip shows important Buddhist sites at Bodh Gaya in eastern India, the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment. The narrator, Dr Rachel Kohn, and Peter Harvey, an expert on Buddhism from the University of Sunderland in the UK, describe some of the Buddha's teachings and relate events in his life and in the history ...


Torres Strait Anglican priests, mid-1920s-1930s

This black-and-white photograph taken at Moa Island in Torres Strait shows Bishop Stephen Davies, the Anglican Bishop of Carpentaria, with Reverend Joseph Lui and Reverend Poey Passi. Bishop Stephen Davies is seated and wears full bishop's vestments. Reverend Joseph Lui and Reverend Poey Passi are each wearing priestly ...


Interview with Archbishop Mannix, 1962: The issue of conscription

This black-and-white clip shows Roman Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Daniel Mannix, a notable prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, explaining his opposition at the time to the Australian conscription referendums of 1916 and 1917. Filmed in one shot, this uninterrupted interview was recorded when Mannix was in his late ...

Moving Image

Desmond Tutu: forging equality in South Africa

This is a 2004 interview with Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winner, head of the post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa, and former Anglican archbishop. He discusses his childhood; what drew him to the priesthood; his involvement in the anti-apartheid movement; the lessons of the Truth and Reconciliation ...