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Listed under:  Arts  >  Art movements  >  Representational art

'A break away!'

This is an oil painting on canvas (137.3 cm x 167.8 cm) created by Tom Roberts. It depicts an outback scene in the late 19th century, set in the Riverina district of New South Wales during a drought. A mob of sheep is being moved by drovers through a parched landscape in search of water and green pastures. Smelling water, ...


'Red gold', 1913

This is a 1913 oil painting by Hans Heysen (1877-1968). It captures a moment at the end of the day as a herdsman takes his cows home down a country road. In the foreground are two massive gum trees, behind which are stands of gums that stretch away towards a distant line of hills. The golden light, which floods the entire ...


Abo history (facts) [Aboriginal history (facts)], 1988

This is a painting by Ngaku/Dunghutti artist Robert Campbell Jr presenting an Aboriginal version of Australian history in 12 cartoon-like frames. It was commissioned for the National Aboriginal Art Award in 1988 during Australia's bicentenary of colonisation. The title, chosen by the artist, includes the derogatory term ...


'Impressionists' camp', 1889

In this 13.9 cm x 24.0 cm oil sketch on paper two men are seen against a window inside a big, sparsely furnished room. One man in a brown jacket and lighter pants is seated looking at a piece of paper, while the other, in a dark suit and bowler hat and smoking a pipe, stands looking down at him. A painting hangs on the ...


'Pumpkins', c1942

This oil painting by Yosl Bergner shows a shaven-headed man as he strains forward to haul a cart filled with pumpkins. He is followed by a shaven-headed barefoot child, and is being watched by a gaunt woman. These three people are walled off by a high row of terrace houses behind them. Apart from the orange pumpkins and ...


'The new order', 1942

This painting by Noel Counihan shows five soldiers with rifles who have just executed civilians against a wall and are slouching away with their helmeted heads lowered. To the right stands a soldier who must have given the order to fire. He is looking down at an old man with a white beard and a younger woman with blood ...


'The chase', 1946

In this enamel painting by Sidney Nolan, Ned Kelly's armour and a gun are mounted on a galloping horse. The armour has red and yellow stripes. The horse is brown with four white socks, and it has a flat saddle held in place by a thin strap, but no stirrups, and there are reins but no bridle. A policeman mounted on a white ...