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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Industries  >  Primary industry  >  Agriculture  >  Crops  >  Cereal grain  >  Rice
Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Economy  >  Consumption  >  Consumer goods  >  Food products  >  Cereal grain  >  Rice
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How does rice get to the supermarket?

Do you like brown rice or white rice? Do you know why they look different? This clip shows how rice grains from the farm are cleaned, milled and packed into bags. Discover how many different foods can be made from rice.

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Growing rice

What is your favourite way to eat rice? This clip shows how rice is planted, grown and harvested in many different countries (places in the world). View the different foods made with rice.


Rice growing in Australia

This is an excerpt from a 1927 silent documentary entitled 'Rice growing in Australia'. It begins with two long intertitles: 'Up to 1925, Australia produced very little rice. The bulk of her yearly requirements, totalling nearly 23,000 tons, was imported', followed by 'Experiments carried out in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation ...


Balinese harvesting rice, 1996

This is a colour photograph of a group of people harvesting wet rice on the Indonesian island of Bali, with Mt Batukau in the background. Their heavy clothing protects them from the sun, insects and dust. They are wearing both traditional and modern items of apparel, and all have some form of head covering.


Balinese woman winnowing rice grains, 1984

This is a colour photograph of a woman in Ubud Tengah on the Indonesian island of Bali, hand-winnowing rice grains using a flat circular tray. The woman is working during the heat of the day and is wearing a loose blouse, a batik sarong and a towel wrapped around her head.


'Australia's land of tomorrow', 1962 - asset 8

This is an excerpt from a 48-minute colour documentary produced for the Australian Inland Mission and released in 1962. The excerpt begins with aerial views of a huge rice-growing enterprise, Humpty Doo Farm, located in the Northern Territory. The scene then shifts to the rice harvest on the farm as the commentator describes ...

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Food for the World

This is a compilation of six teaching sequences about food. It includes sections on foods eaten and the experiences of people in other countries; food security; staple foods; food insecurity; rice; and food security issues in selected countries. The sections on rice include information about the importance of rice for food ...

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Rice and aquaculture in Vietnam

This is a video about small-scale farming in Vietnam. It includes the issues surrounding food production in Vietnam and two case studies of farming families. One case study is about a family in northern Vietnam that produces rice, fruit and some dairy to meet their own survival needs. The second case study is about a family ...

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Harvesting the future

This is a video about a project in Cambodia that aims to improve the rice farming industry by providing farmers with tarpaulins and rice grain storage bins. The video includes information and images about the importance of rice farming for this region; traditional rice cultivation methods including growing, drying, threshing ...

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Aquatic biodiversity and nutrition

This is 10:33-minute video about the crucial importance of aquatic plants and animals from rice-based ecosystems in the diet of Lao people. It shows how a variety of organisms are caught or harvested in the rice fields and nearby water bodies and identifies that 92 species are used for food in rice-growing areas with fish ...

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From Paddock to Plate

Discover where our food comes from and how it gets to our table. Explore farming practices and the processes involved in producing familiar food products. Use video clips to investigate the biological needs of food crops and farm animals. Explore the diversity of foods that may be produced from a range of agricultural produce.