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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Governance  >  Risk management
Teacher resource

Natural hazard risks - teacher resource

This teacher resource describes how students can use the spatial visualisation tool, SpatialGenie to explore the earthquake and landslide hazards before assessing the risk of earth movements in a specified region of Australia. SpatialGenie provides a range of analysis tools that students use to examine above and below ground ...

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Coastal adaptation: infrastructure

This resource is a video about the impact of climate change on infrastructure in the coastal areas of Australia. It describes the different types of risks to infrastructure, and the various types of infrastructure - industrial, communication, transport, waste and water services - that will be affected and impact on the ...

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Coastal adaptation: local action

This resource is a video about the role of local councils and communities in responding to climate change. Using examples from several Australian states, the video describes how local government and authorities are responding to the challenges of climate change. It describes the areas of council operations that can be affected, ...

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Coastal Adaptation: Coastal Climate Change Science

This resource is a video about the science associated with climate change. It explains the causes, estimates the extent and identifies some of the risks associated with sea level rise. The consequences of inundation of low-lying areas and beach erosion, and the impact on ecosystems and species are discussed. The video describes ...