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Boy's diagram of a rocket ship, 1957

This is a hand-drawn diagram of a rocket ship by young Denis Cox, sent in October 1957 to 'A top scientist at Woomera Rocket Range, South Australia'. It links to an online showcase called 'Find of the Month' via an educational resource page in the National Archives Virtual Reading Room (VRROOM). The 'Find of the Month' ...


'Welcome to Woomera', 2004

This is a colour photograph of a road sign to Woomera on the Stuart Highway in South Australia, taken in 2004. Painted on the road sign in yellow and red are the words 'Woomera Rocket Range Village' and below that the words '10 klm next turn right'. On the left-hand side of the sign is a figure of a blue rocket. Beyond ...


Ikara the Weapon Thrower, 1963: 'First flight trials'

This clip shows an aerial view of Woomera missile testing station, South Australia, where scaled down models of the Ikara missile are being tested in a variety of situations. The clip, which is in black and white and accompanied by a voice-over narration, ends with scenes showing further testing of Ikara at the Proof and ...


Bob Brown recalls the launch of the Blue Streak, 2006

This is an edited sound recording of Bob Brown recalling the excitement in Woomera in South Australia at the intended first launch of a Europa Blue Streak rocket from the nearby rocket range in June 1964. He tells how hundreds of families gathered to watch, only to be let down when the launch was cancelled with just seconds ...


Ian Ritchie describes the launch of the Blue Streak, 2006

This is an edited sound recording of Ian Ritchie recalling the first launch of a Europa Blue Streak rocket from the Woomera rocket range in South Australia on 5 June 1964. Ritchie, an engine technician at the range, tells of the noise at lift-off and how the first flight of the rocket was cut short. The recording was made ...

Moving Image

Make your own rocket fuel...!?!

You know what happens when the pressure in a bottle reaches extreme levels: KABOOM! Discover with Ruben and Bernie how mixing together some everyday household chemicals can fuel a fizzy fountain or a model rocket, with spectacular results. This is chemistry in motion.

Interactive Resource

Sites2See: Astronomy for secondary

A small galaxy of sites and resources, starting with Galileo's discoveries. Includes interviews and masterclasses with Australian astronomers, task-based laptop wraps, and images from NASA and Astro-photographer David Malin.

Interactive Resource

Sites2See: Astronomy for primary

A small galaxy of sites and resources, from Galileo making discoveries that changed our view of the universe, to new images and understandings from Hubble, on a page tailored for Primary students.

Teacher resource

Library Pack: Space Explorers

This is a teacher guide that uses two picture storybooks to look at humankind’s exploration of our solar system. It includes: an introduction and three specific reading activities that involve reading a picture story book and completing follow up learning activities or experiments. The titles of the books and age groups ...