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Listed under:  Arts  >  Regional art  >  Russian art

Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo in Australia, c1939: Tamara Toumanova

This silent colour clip shows home-movie footage, shot in slow motion, of Tamara Toumanova dressed in a swimsuit performing a series of ballet movements on Bungan Beach in Sydney, New South Wales.


Ballets Russes - Can 25, c1936: 'Petrouchka'

This silent black-and-white clip shows home-movie footage taken during a performance of 'Petrouchka' by the Ballets Russes on their tour to Australia of 1936-37. The stage is set to resemble a fairground, where a magician brings to life three 'puppets', the clown Petrouchka (Leon Woizikowsky), the dancer (Hélène Kirsova) ...