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Virtually avoiding disaster

Sharing experiences, photographs and opinions via social media has taken the world by storm. In this clip from 2013, we see social media networks being embraced by a new set of users who believe that it can save lives during natural disasters. But should we be concerned about their potential for misuse?


Stackhat protective sports helmet, 1987

This is a yellow Stackhat protective sports helmet and box, manufactured from plastic and metal by Rosebank Products, Victoria, in 1987.


Child's rear-facing car safety seat, 1970

This is a black-and-white publicity photograph showing a child's rear-facing safety seat installed in the front seat of a car. The child is secured into his seat with a lap belt, facing backwards, while his father drives. The original negative is 103 mm wide and 100 mm high.


Letter to Leading Aircraftman Howard Kellehear from Nell, 5 Jan 1942

This is a four-page letter, handwritten on lined paper with four emblems printed along the top edge in red and blue: ACF, RSL, THE SALVATION ARMY and YMCA. It measures 24.7 cm long x 19.6 cm wide.

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Speeding: a little is a lot

As the speed of a car increases, the amount of energy also increases. When speeds above 60 km per hour are reached, the risk of crashing increases exponentially. Watch this animated road safety clip to discover how speed impacts on reaction time and braking distance, increasing the rate of crash risk.


Policeman photographing traffic offence, 1948

This is a black-and-white photograph taken on acetate film in 1948. It shows a traffic policeman on a motorbike photographing cars driving three abreast as they approach the top of Oliver's Hill on the Nepean Highway at Frankston, Victoria. A fourth car precedes them up the hill. On the left, the road has a wide gravel ...


Policeman photographing accident scene, 1948

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken on acetate film, of a traffic accident in Victoria in 1948. Two utilities are involved. One vehicle is stationary in the middle of the left lane, and the other vehicle is in front of it at a right angle. A motorcycle traffic policeman is taking a photograph of the skid marks, ...


Shipwreck of the Dunbar at 'the Heads', 1857

The wreck of the clipper ship Dunbar off Sydney Heads in 1857 is regarded as the worst peacetime merchant shipping tragedy in NSW history. This letter was copied from a handwritten manuscript by James Graham, the signal master at South Head, Sydney, in 1857, and was printed in the Sydney Morning Herald on 22 August 1857, ...

Teacher resource

Bushfire education: what is fire safety

This is a teacher resource containing a lesson plan that focuses on safety, with guidelines for two class discussion topics: Helpful fires, dangerous fires; and Who keeps us safe from bushfires? The lesson plan includes suggestions for activities and props that will encourage awareness of the importance of fire safety. ...

Teacher resource

Disaster preparedness

This is a compilation of four teaching sequences about disasters and disaster preparation. It includes sections on types of disasters; their effects on people and the environment; disaster preparation; earthquake preparedness in Indonesia; emergency response; disaster recovery and the causes and consequences of disasters. ...

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Fighting fire with fire: the debate

How do we best protect communities from the threat of bushfire? Prescribed burning is the preferred method in many parts of Australia, but it remains controversial. This clip investigates the science behind prescribed burning. Does it save property and lives, and can it destroy ecosystems?

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Summer bushfire fears

Unseasonably warm weather leading up to the start of the 2013 fire season was an ominous sign. This clip from September that year investigates how technology is used to better predict the likelihood of bushfire, as well as helping firefighters bring blazes under control.

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Life on our ever-changing creek

Imagine if you lived near a creek and it began to rain heavily. What might be the possible consequences of rising water levels?  How might you go about preparing to deal with it? How did the family in this video deal with a bridge getting destroyed?

Interactive resource

Zou ba! Leisure activities: protective items

Find out how to tell someone where you are going and remind them to bring some protective items. For example, say that you are going to the beach and will need to bring sunglasses, hat, sunscreen or protective clothing. This learning object is one in a series of two objects.

Assessment resource

Beach safety: video campaign: assessment

Assess your ability to build a video for a public awareness campaign about safety at the beach. Work with a lifesaver to help make a beach safer. Look at the importance of water safety and skin protection at the beach. Hear some safety tips from some beach-goers. Then build your video. Choose appropriate animated clips ...


Safe-n-Sound baby safety capsule, 1986

This is a moulded-plastic baby safety capsule with carry handles manufactured by Safe-n-Sound, Australia, in 1986. It features nylon straps and buckles that can be used to fasten the capsule to a car seat. The interior of the capsule has a removable synthetic 'lamb's-wool' liner and a wide velcro-lined strap to hold the ...


Overalls worn by Charles Laseron, 1911-13

This is a pair of overalls worn in 1911-13 by Charles Francis Laseron during Sir Douglas Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition. They are made from heavy cotton twill and have a large waistband with buttons and wooden toggles. The waistband is designed to be buttoned to clothing worn over the top.


'A motor ride' board game, 1930-50

This is an Australian-made and -designed board game for two, three or four players called 'A motor ride'. It was made by The National Game Company of Ballarat and Melbourne between 1930 and 1950. The game comprises a hinged board, instruction sheet (not shown), four coloured wooden counters, a die and cylindrical cardboard ...


Trumpet-shaped automobile horn, 1904

This is a trumpet-shaped automobile horn made from copper. The horn consists of a long pipe that spirals around to form an open, flaring head. A metal device is screwed on to the back section of the horn, which would have attached it to the car. The original rubber bulb is missing and there is some green corrosion that ...


Lead-glass viewing window for radioactive 'hot cell', 1958-2007

This is a lead-glass window used by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, New South Wales. The thick glass has a yellow tinge from the presence of a small amount of cerium. Cerium is added to prevent the glass gradually turning brown from radiation damage. The glass is fitted within a grey lead frame.