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'Be a water saver' magnetic promotional card, 2003

This is a magnetic card promoting domestic water conservation. It was published by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment. The card is circular with a smaller arrow in the centre, which moves to point at six different ways to save water within the home and the litres of water that can be saved. The card ...


Oates 'All Australian Mop Bucket', 1991

This an 'All Australian Mop Bucket', manufactured from grey plastic by E D Oates Pty Ltd, Australia. The bucket is rectangular with straight sides, rounded corners, a wide flanged rim and a recessed handle incorporated into the base at one end to facilitate the pouring of used water. The carrying handle is coloured fluorescent ...


Happy Baby Gummy teethers, 2004

These are two Happy Baby Gummy teethers made of medical-grade silicone and food-grade polypropylene by Sanbrook Holdings, Victoria, in 2004. Both teethers have clear semi-circular handles and a clear arc-shaped section designed to fit around a baby's gums. In between is a coloured shield. The shield of one of the teethers ...


Meat processing plant, 1974

This is a black-and-white photograph depicting a group of male and female food-processing workers boning and packaging beef products at an abbattoir. At least 18 partly boned carcases are suspended from a metal track to the left, with men standing before many of them, removing further portions of meat. Further to the right, ...


Mirror, c1880

This small, round mirror for personal use was excavated at Casselden Place, Melbourne, in 2003, part of a district known as 'Little Lon'. It is now part of the Little Lonsdale Street archaeological collection at Museum Victoria.


Madge Colegrave doing the dishes, Ferntree Gully, 1973

This colour photograph features Madge Colegrave doing the dishes at the kitchen sink in a relative's home at Ferntree Gully in 1973. The photograph was collected as part of Museum Victoria's Melbourne's Biggest Family Album project in 2006.


'Easy ways to be a water saver' brochure, 2003

This is a brochure promoting water conservation, published by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment in October 2003. The blue-and-white cover includes the title - 'Easy ways to be a water saver', a background design showing water rippling, and the Victorian Government's 'Our water our future' logo. ...


'Watersmart: garden and homes rebate scheme' brochure, 2003

This is a colour brochure promoting domestic water conservation in gardens and homes. It was published by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment in October 2003. The cover shows a man selecting a water-efficient showerhead, and a woman in the background also looking at showerheads. Text on the cover ...

Moving Image

Fast-tracking access to water and sanitation

A basic necessity of every citizen is access to water and sanitation (toilet and washing facilities). Meet a group of people from Lingarajapuram, Bangalore who took matters into their own hands to get these basic necessities for their community. See how Mythri, an NGO (non-government organisation), partnered with the community ...

Moving Image

Keeping ancient Romans clean and healthy

How did people keep clean in ancient Rome when most people lived in small flats with no plumbing or running water? How did they keep healthy in a time when only the rich could afford doctors and medical knowledge was lacking? Discover the extraordinarily advanced world of Roman engineering that produced public baths, toilets, ...


Changing technology for washing and cleaning

This is a collection of 15 digital curriculum resources focusing on changes in technology for washing and cleaning in the home since the 1890s. The collection is organised into two categories - doing the washing; and vacuuming. It includes photographs, an advertising brochure and a multimedia resource suitable for lower ...


Rinso washing powder - Easy Does It, 1946: 'That's the Rinso way'

This clip shows a black-and-white cinema advertisement for Rinso washing powder. When a shopkeeper (Dan Agar) recommends Rinso to a female customer (Joy Nichols), she tells him that this is not an effective way to sell the washing powder. She is joined by a young man (Bill Kerr) and the two break into song about the wonders ...


Rinso washing powder - A Bachelor Gray, c1943: The wonders of Rinso

This narrated clip shows a humorous, animated cinema advertisement for Rinso washing powder in which a series of cartoons is used to describe a bachelor, Henry, who is 'a bit of a fusspot' and a 'natty dresser' but is unable to do his washing. When his 'lady help' criticises his efforts, he 'sees red' and tells her to do ...


Packing rabbits for export at William Angliss and Co, 1954

This is a black-and-white image depicting workers at William Angliss and Co in Footscray packing rabbit carcasses into cardboard crates ready for export. A large number of skinned carcasses are hanging on a conveyor belt nearby. The photograph is part of the Laurie Richards Collection of commercial photographs at Museum ...


Bone toothbrush, c1880

This toothbrush was excavated at Casselden Place, Melbourne - part of a district known as 'Little Lon' - in 2003. The toothbrush is made from bone and has holes in the head for bristles, which have rotted away. Stamped on the handle is 'Improved Warranted Extra Quality'. This object is now part of the Little Lonsdale Street ...

Interactive Resource

Muck and brass

This interactive game is about town planning in Britain during the Industrial Revolution. It focuses on towns that have experienced rapid growth due to industrialisation but which have poor air quality and no efficient sewage disposal. Students assume the role of advisor to a town councillor who wants to improve the health ...

Teacher resource

Access to safe water and sanitation

This is a compilation of seven teaching sequences about access to safe water and sanitation. It includes sections on access to safe water and adequate sanitation services; water collection and use; ways water is accessed in some developing countries; use of appropriate technology to produce safe, clean water and toilets; ...

Teacher resource

Staying healthy

This is a compilation of five teaching sequences about people's health in different parts of the world. It includes sections on factors that contribute to good and poor health; countries affected by malaria; health problems caused by dehydration; strategies for improving health and hygiene; ways to maintain hygienic practices; ...

Teacher resource

We all need water

This is a compilation of three teaching sequences about accessing water supplies. It includes sections on water uses, how water is obtained, delivery systems, technologies used to assist in the collection of water, and access to water and sanitation services. It introduces this global issue and provides ideas and activities ...

Teacher resource

Water week for schools

This is a rich resource for teachers about water vulnerability including a series of 11 video clips. The resources highlight causes, symptoms and the solutions adopted in some third world countries. Supporting documents include a brief teacher's guide, slideshows, background information and activities. Videos highlight ...