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'Trucaninny, wife of Woureddy', 1836

This is a portrait bust (66.0 cm x 42.5 cm x 25.7 cm), by the colonial artist Benjamin Law (1807-90), of an Aboriginal woman. The bust shows the figure from the waist upwards and with the arms truncated just above the elbow. The colouration of the entire work is very dark, with a metallic sheen that suggests that it might ...


'Woureddy, an Aboriginal chief of Van Diemen's Land', 1836

This is a portrait bust (61.5 cm x 44.5 cm x 29.0 cm), by the colonial artist Benjamin Law (1807-90), of an Aboriginal man. The bust shows the figure from the waist upwards and with the arms truncated just above the elbow. The colouration of the entire work is very dark, with a metallic sheen that suggests that it might ...


Bronze figure of Aja the ram, 18th-century

This is a bronze statuette of Aja, the ram, a Hindu figure manufactured from bronze some time in the 18th century. Standing squarely on four legs, the ram has curled horns, and wears a cloth over his back and garlands around the neck. Beneath him are two dogs. In front of each of the ram's forelegs is a human figure and ...


Silver 'Ricketty Dick' figurine, Sydney, Australia, c1855

This small figurine of a young bearded man was inspired by Warrah Warrah, an Aboriginal man also known as Ricketty Dick. It was cast and hand modelled in silver by Julius Hogarth, who also used stone and gold. The figure, completed in Sydney around 1855, is depicted as a hunter holding a gold boomerang. The figure is naked ...


Laminated glass sculpture, 'The Beginning of the End', c1995

This is a glass collage exploring the theme of birth and the intensity of life through a chaotic and colourful juxtaposition of glass assembled then fired. the panel is: 86.5 cm x 24.0 cm.


Ceramic hands - symbolic icon for Women on Farms Gathering at Macedon Ranges, 2002

This sculpture of ceramic hands was created as a symbolic icon and display item for the Women on Farms Gathering at Kyneton in the Macedon Ranges in 2002. The sculpture was created by Kyneton potter Peggy Thallong-Smith with assistance from Pat Beasley. It measures 26.5 cm (length) x 26.8 cm (width) x 13.5 cm (height). ...


Bronze bust of Nancy Bird Walton, 1991

This is a solid bronze bust of a smiling Nancy Bird Walton wearing goggles, helmet, jacket and a kerchief around her neck.

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Observing a swan

Join Don Spencer as he observes (looks carefully at) a black swan. Discover a surprise under this bird's black outer feathers. Watch how differently the swan moves on land and in water.

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Surrealist art: weird and wonderful

Surrealist art began in the early part of the 20th century. Artists and writers used dreams, their fears or the unconscious mind as inspiration for their artwork. In this clip, find out more about surrealism and its influence on artists of the past and of today.

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Creature sculptures rise from the scrap heap

Coolah sculptor David Sherlock brings scrap metal back to life in the form of amazing animals, birds and insects.

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Connecting sculpture to dance

The former artistic director of Chunky Move, choreographer Gideon Obarzanek, was inspired by the sculptures of Reuben Margolin to create the dance 'Connected'. These sculptures made him think about what happens when a dancer begins to dance on stage and the way they transform from a person to a body in space.

Interactive resource

Energy calculator: How much energy do I need?

Use this calculator to find out how well your energy intake in the form of food matches the energy required for your level of activity in a day. Experiment with adjusting your food and your level of activity and discover the effects of your intake energy being lower or higher than your energy requirements for various activity ...


Ned Kelly death mask, 1880

This is a plaster death mask of the head of bushranger Ned Kelly, including the neck and partial right shoulder, made by Maximilian Kreitmayer on 11 November 1880. The eyes and mouth are closed, the eyebrows are clearly visible and what appears to be a rope burn from the hanging is seen across the lower right cheek. The ...


Building a snowman

This is an excerpt from a silent 16 mm colour home movie made in 1950 entitled 'Original ski weekend' containing several scenes. The first shows a man and a woman probably in their 20s sitting on the snow eating a light meal in the Australian high country, followed by another pair enjoying soft drink in glass bottles, with ...


Statue of the explorer Kupe and his companions, 1939

This is a very large monumental sculpture of three human figures. The Polynesian explorer Kupe holds a spear at the prow of his waka (canoe), Mätähoua; his wife, Hineiteäparangi (or Kuramarotini), points to the horizon; and the tohunga (skilled and respected person) Pekahourangi holds a tewhatewha (wooden battleaxe) and ...


'Rhinoceros', 1995

This is a painted fibreglass sculpture made in 1995 by James Angus (1970-). Moulded over an aluminium framework, the work is a life-size replica of a rhinoceros measuring 105 cm x 320 cm x 165 cm. The animal is mounted with all four feet on a vertical wall so it appears to be standing sideways. The tip of its horn is at ...


'Tattooed lady', 1974

This is a painted clay sculpture made in 1974 by Bert Flugelman (1923-). Measuring 116 cm x 84 cm x 46 cm, the work is in the shape a figure of a nude woman standing with her hands on her hips and staring straight ahead. The figure is truncated just above the knees and at the upper part of the head. The proportions of the ...


Bowl by Edols and Elliott, 1998

This is a glass bowl made in 1998 by Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Measuring 24 cm (height) x 33 cm (width) x 30 cm (depth), it is half-ovoid in form and made from semitransparent blue glass. The surface of the bowl is decorated with a series of curved bands that join to form irregular ...


Centennial Park Federation Pavilion plaque, 1901-03

This is a whitewashed fibrous plaster plaque designed by Frederick Winchester Grant and made by Grant and Cocks, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 1901-03. Measuring 120 cm (height) x 72 cm (width) x 12 cm (depth), the plaque consists of a pictorial central panel surrounded by a highly decorative border or frame. Both ...


Message Stick - Wathaurong Glass, 2003: Dreaming of glass

This clip shows some of the glasswork commissioned from Wathaurong Glass and Arts by the Manningham City Council in Melbourne's eastern suburbs and on permanent display in the council building. A narrator talks about the beginnings of the company and the design of the pieces as the works are shown in more detail. Joel Hayes, ...