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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Marketing  >  Selling

Medal from Cole's Book Arcade, c1885

This is a gilt bronze medal from Cole's Book Arcade in Melbourne. On the obverse is a tree fern and the words: 'THE / GOVERNMENT / OF / RIGHT / THE / RELIGION / OF / GOODNESS / THE / ENGLISH / LANGUAGE / IMPROVED / BY THE / BEST WORDS / OF ALL OTHER / LANGUAGES'. On the reverse is another inscription around a rainbow: 'UNITED ...


Record of Phar Lap's purchase, 1928

This is the cover of the catalogue for the 1928 Annual New Zealand Thoroughbred Yearling Sales, at which Phar Lap was sold. Text on the cover reads: 'Annual New Zealand / Thoroughbred Yearling Sales / AT THE TRENTHAM RACECOURSE / TUESDAY, JANUARY 24th, 1928 / At 3.30 p.m. / PYNE, GOULD, GUINNESS, Ltd / Christchurch / W ...


George Nichols token penny, 1862

This is a round, copper token featuring the name, business and location of the issuer: George Nichols / Bookseller and Stationer / Opposite Corner to Post Office / Melbourne. The reverse features a coat of arms flanked by an emu and kangaroo. The shield, surmounted by a rising sun, depicts a sailing ship, golden fleece, ...


'The sale', 1863

This is a colour lithographic card showing a male slave being sold in a slave auction. The white auctioneer appears to be calling for bids. A notice in the background announces 'FOR SALE A likely young NEGRO'. The card was third in a collectable series of 12 album cards entitled 'The slave in 1863. A thrilling series of ...


Sheepdog on sheep at saleyards, 1975

This is a colour photograph of a kelpie, or Australian sheep dog, standing on the backs of sheep that are packed tightly in a small pen at the Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, saleyards. A farmer stands behind the pen.


'Diggers' auction, Eagle Hawk, Bendigo', 1853

This is a hand-coloured lithographic print that shows a digger (miner) auctioning his mining equipment at the Eaglehawk gold fields near Bendigo in Victoria. A small crowd is shown gathered around the digger and part of the Eaglehawk tent settlement can be seen behind him. The print is from a watercolour painting by Samuel ...


'Diggers licensing, Forest Creek, 1852'

This is a black-and-white print that shows diggers (miners) at Forest Creek on the Mount Alexander diggings in Victoria lining up before the Gold Commissioner's tent to pay a licence fee. A policeman stands guard next to the tent while, in the foreground on the left, two policemen can be seen speaking to a digger. The print, ...


'Gold buyer, the market price discussed, Eagle Hawk', 1852

This is a hand-coloured lithographic print showing two men discussing the market price of gold on the Eaglehawk gold field in Victoria. The well-dressed man on the right, shown weighing the gold with a set of hand scales, is the buyer and the angry-looking digger on the left is the seller. The print was created by Samuel ...


'Your house and mine', 1954 - asset 15

This is a clip from a 22-minute colour documentary made in Melbourne, Victoria in 1954 titled 'Your house and mine'. It begins with three children playing with a skipping rope on a footpath. Behind them are old 'terrace' or 'row' houses dating back to the Victorian era. A corner shop is briefly shown. Children play cricket ...


Mimi, 2002: Investing in the unknown

This clip, taken from the beginning of the short feature 'Mimi', shows Catherine (Sophie Lee) at an art auction, where she successfully bids for two Indigenous artworks, a Mimi spirit sculpture and a painting of a barramundi fish. Credits for the film are cleverly included within the auction catalogue that Catherine is ...

Teacher resource

MoneySmart: How can we obtain more money?

This is a year 9 mathematics unit of work about making money. Intended to take about ten hours, the unit consists of six sets of student tasks supported by teacher notes. Tasks include investigating part-time work; surveying class members about the hours they work; using a spreadsheet; calculating earnings and interest; ...


The Conversation: business strategies

This resource contains a series of explanatory articles about contemporary business strategy, innovation, and the digital economy. It can be used to develop a broad understanding of contemporary business strategy, innovation, and the digital economy.