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Dangers of wood smoke

Find out about some of the issues surrounding wood smoke and how to reduce its impact on the environment and our health. View this clip called 'Where there's fire, there's smoke', created by young reporters from Presbyterian Ladies College in Armidale, New South Wales. The clip was developed as part of the ABC Splash Live ...

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Electrolytic cells: aluminium extraction

Explore the production of aluminium, its uses and its waste products. Find out why aluminium ore must be purified before electrolysis, and why electrolytic cells for extracting aluminium are designed the way they are. Look closely at the cell and observe the reactions at the anode and cathode at both the physical level ...

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Electrolytic cells: molten salts

Investigate the electrolysis of three molten salts in electrolytic cells where there is only one oxidant and one reductant present. Find out the type of reaction that can be driven by supplying electrical energy, and the reasons behind the cell design. Observe the melting of the electrolyte prior to turning on the power. ...

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Electrolytic cells: electroplating

Find out about electroplating cells. Explore the design of a typical cell. Discover the purpose of the various stages in commercial chrome-plating. Observe the physical and particle processes in an operating chrome-plating cell and deduce the half-equations for the anode and cathode reactions. Apply this knowledge to select ...

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Electrolytic cells: aqueous solutions

Use the electrochemical series to identify the strongest oxidant and reductant in an electrolytic cell containing an aqueous electrolyte solution. Predict the physical reactions and half-equations at the anode and cathode for different cells. Observe the reactions to confirm your predictions. Deduce the equation for a net ...