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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Companies  >  Small business

Harry's Cafe de Wheels, 1945-85

This is a converted box-style caravan used for 40 years by Harry's Cafe de Wheels to sell pies, crumbed sausages and other food in Sydney. The roof of the caravan is slightly arched, and there is colourful advertising signage covering the front. The text reads: 'HARRY'S CAFE DE-WHEELS / WE SELL & RECOMMEND .... BIRD'S Quality ...


La Tosca ravioli roller, c1952

This video features curator Moya McFadzean talking about the La Tosca roller in Museum Victoria's collection. It also contains photographs of the Borghesi family and its business activities. The roller was in use in about 1952. The video's duration is 1 min 48 sec.


Early production of Victa lawnmowers, c1953

This is a black-and-white hand-drawn sketch of the shed where Victa lawnmowers were made in the early 1950s. The shed has a wide entrance, giving a view of the operations inside, where there are two men working. The workshop is small and crowded with various machine parts surrounding the men and leaning against the shed ...

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Asia skills: a taster

This is a video clip produced by the Asia Education Foundation showing a series of Australians talking about how their work and life experience is interconnected with Asian countries and cultures. They include fashion designer Nicole Fraser, sports lawyer James Johnson, arts pproducer Kate Ben-Tovim, grower and exporter ...

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This is a unit of work about the importance of microfinance in helping impoverished people establish a small business. Intended for years 5 and 6 and written with a global education focus, the resource consists of five single- or multi-lesson activities, titled: Trapped in the poverty cycle; Operating a small business; ...

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Grandvewe - Cheese Farm - cheese also comes from sheep!! Tasmania

This is a video about farmer and cheesemaker Diane Rae and how she and her children established a sheep dairy agribusiness. It shows scenes of Grandvewe farm and cheesery as she speaks of how they learnt to be sheep farmers; researched dairy sheep overseas; and changed production systems as a result of experience. She tells ...

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What do authors do besides writing – they farm truffles?

This is a video about author and farmer SD Gentill and how she combines writing with growing black truffles. It consists of an interview in which she answers questions posed by Will, a young boy. To a background of scenes from her Snowy Mountains farm and a Brisbane restaurant she supplies, Gentill explains how truffles ...

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Waratah Australis Nursery (flowers) – Batlow, New South Wales

This is a video about plant breeder and nursery owner Brian Fitzpatrick and his work of breeding waratahs. It shows scenes of his activities in the Waratah Australis Nursery as he speaks of the magnificence of waratahs; the stages in the breeding process including hand-pollination and the production of 12,000 seedlings ...

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Bees and Berries a great combination

This is a video about part-time farmer Jeff Kynaston and how he produces and sells berry and honey products. It shows scenes of his work as he tells of his satisfaction in growing boysenberries, raspberries and blackberries; picking the berries only when they are fully ripe; selling them within two days of harvest at farmers' ...

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The Asian entrepreneur in me

In this learning sequence, students will use the lens of “entrepreneurism” to explore two distinct, but related, 21st Century topics: future jobs and the rise of Asia. A problem-based learning approach will guide students toward developing their own understanding of what the future might hold and to hypothesise possible ...