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Ivan and Anna Kucan and their daughters on Ukrainian Christmas Day, Newport, c1957

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Ivan and Anna Kucan and their daughters, Larysa and Marika, in the backyard of their family home in Newport, Victoria. This photograph was taken on Ukrainian Christmas Day, which is in January.


General Motors-Holden's - Monaro, Three New Models, 1968

This colour clip shows the introductory part of a 1968 television advertisement for the Holden HK Monaro two-door sports coupé. The clip begins with scenes of formula and production car races, pit action, drivers and female fans. Over an instrumental soundtrack, a male narrator describes 'today's world' and 'today's people'. ...


Bicycles as a form of transport in Australia

The golden age of bicycles began in the 1890s when innovations such as pneumatic tyres and cable-pull brakes made bicycles more comfortable and safe. This collection of 12 digital curriculum resources is organised into five categories - velocipedes; penny-farthing bicycles; travelling from Perth to Kalgoorlie by bicycle; ...


Women at the soup kitchen in Melbourne, 1930

This is an except from a 1930 silent film about the soup kitchens, which were set up in Melbourne to help the victims of the Great Depression (1929-39). The excerpt shows women, some with children, coming to a soup kitchen to get a cup of tea and some food.


Crowds at a football match

This footage is from a black-and-white silent newsreel or documentary about Australian football. It shows crowd scenes from a game probably in 1928 at what appears to be half time.


Debutantes, Queensland, c1905

This is a black-and-white photograph of a group of young women dressed as debutantes. It is undated but is part of a collection relating to postal and telecommunications services in Queensland from 1890, and was probably taken around 1905. There is a strong chance the women were employees of the Postmaster-General's Department.


The first Anzac Day Parade in Brisbane, 1916

This is a black-and-white photograph of the first Anzac Day march held in Brisbane on 25 April 1916 to mark the first anniversary of the landing of the Australian and New Zealand troops on Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey. The photograph was taken outside Brisbane's General Post Office in Queen Street. It shows soldiers on horseback ...


Carr-Hordern wedding party, Sydney, 1911

This is a formal, sepia-toned photograph of the Carr-Hordern wedding party on 29 April 1911 in Chatswood, Sydney, taken by Exchange Studios of Pitt Street. The wedding party is posed on the steps in front of the ivy-covered Carr-Hordern home, 'Chislehurst'. The bride, Olive Carr-Hordern, and the hatless groom, the Reverend ...


Tabua (ceremonial whale tooth), c1800s

This tabua, a kapkap (a forehead or shoulder ornament), is a large, cream-coloured whale tooth, originating from Fiji in the 19th century. It is perforated at the tip and the base for suspension. Its suspension cord is a tight, complex plait of sennit (coconut fibre) with ornamental knots at 2-3 cm intervals. Nine ornamental ...


'Akau-tä (club), 18th century

This is a long fighting club created in Tonga in the 18th century. It flares from a round grip to a wider, thicker tip and is completely covered with intricate incised designs, including several miniature figures on the shaft and flattened end (figures are not visible in this image). Most of the carving is extremely fine, ...


Eharo (dance mask), 20th century

This is an inverted conical mask created in Papua New Guinea in the early 20th century. It consists of a cane framework, covered with barkcloth, and painted in red, black and white pigment. On the front is a face with a wide open, beak-like mouth, bordered with a red rim. The nose and forehead create a red T-shape. Two ...


Radiance, 1998: Turtle

This clip shows sisters Nona (Deborah Mailman) and Cressy (Rachel Maza) carrying a large turtle into a house and placing it on the kitchen table, watched by another sister, Mae (Trisha Moreton-Thomas). Nona wants to cook a meal from their childhood but is unable to kill the turtle. When stones begin to rain on the roof, ...


Compass - Islam on Parade, 2005: A fashion parade with a difference

This clip shows a fashion parade organised by a group of Muslim women in Melbourne, Australia, to foster greater understanding of their culture and practices, particularly their dress codes. Some of the women introduce and give details about themselves. Slow-motion footage of the women parading their outfits is followed ...


Blood Brothers - Freedom Ride, 1993: Creating a revolution

This clip shows an interview with Dr Kumantjayi (Charles) Perkins as he drives through the countryside. The interviews are intercut with scenes illustrating his recollections of his boyhood and his early adulthood, which he describes in voice-over. The scenes of Perkins's past, some of which are archival and one a re-creation, ...

Teacher resource

Carilah oleh-oleh: teacher resource

This resource has teacher notes and assessment ideas to support the classroom use of the Indonesian LOTE learning object Carilah oleh-oleh. The resource includes a profile of the expected student user, a description of the learning object, printable worksheets, extension activities, and lists of further resources related ...


Here Comes Santa, 1929: Santa lands at Farm Cove

This silent black-and-white clip shows a small seaplane coming in to land at Farm Cove, Sydney Harbour. The Harbour Bridge can be seen under construction in the background. After the seaplane is secured to an anchor rope, Santa Claus climbs into a rubber dinghy and is rowed to shore where a crowd is waiting to greet him. ...


Tombstone Unveiling, 2000: Ceremony day

This clip shows preparations for a ceremony to unveil or open a tombstone in a Torres Strait Islander community. Members of the family decorate the gravesite, and the deceased's daughters cover the tombstone with colourful fabrics. Narrator Helen Anu says that people will come from the surrounding islands to celebrate the ...


Cool Drink and Culture, 2006: Ininti seed

This clip shows a young Indigenous woman, Janelle Eggley, describing in Luritja and English the tradition of learning and teaching that she experienced as a child and is passing on as an adult. She explains why bush tucker is important for children's health and describes how older women took her and other children to Irantji ...

Interactive resource

Travels in Indonesia: warung

Find a small restaurant in an Indonesian town in South Sulawesi. Choose items from a menu. Talk with a waiter and other diners. Use cultural knowledge to answer questions politely. This learning object is one in a series of five objects.

Interactive resource

Travels in Indonesia: bus tour

Find a travel agency in an Indonesian town. Choose tours from a list including hanging caves and ancient graveyards. Talk with a travel agent. Use cultural knowledge to explore tour information politely. This learning object is one in a series of five objects.