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Menzies' 'Forgotten people' speech, 2008

'Menzies' forgotten people speech' is an excerpt from the film 'Menzies and Churchill at war' (55 min) produced in 2008. Using Robert Menzies's Second World War diaries and remarkable 16-mm film, 'Menzies and Churchill at war' lifts the lid on a bitter behind-the-scenes battle between Winston Churchill and the Australian ...

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Homelessness: two points of view

Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of providing housing for homeless people. Review two points of view on the issue and the arguments that support them. Gather facts and opinions from a consultant and local people. Consider issues such as social equity, welfare, compassion and employment. Recommend the best course ...

Interactive resource

Homelessness: three points of view

Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of providing housing for homeless people. Review three points of view on the issue and the arguments that support them. Gather facts and opinions from a consultant and local people. Consider issues such as social equity, welfare, compassion and employment. Recommend the best ...


Message Stick - The Long-grassers, 2005: Long-grassers

This clip shows 'long-grassers', homeless people, in Darwin in the present day and, through a series of black-and-white photographs, in earlier times. Title pages introduce the subject of homelessness in Darwin among Indigenous people. The black-and-white photographs provide a background montage to voice-over commentaries. ...


Pedlar doll in glass dome, 1848-60

This is a female pedlar (peddler) doll that was made in England between 1848 and 1860. The doll has a composition head and painted facial features, a large hooked nose, circular gold-wire glasses, white wool hair and a peg-jointed wooden body. The legs are straight and painted white with black feet. The doll is dressed ...


Irish immigrant Martha Bergin's quilt, 1843

This video features curator Deb Tout Smith talking about a quilt in Museum Victoria's collection made in 1843 by Martha Bergin, an Irish immigrant. The curator also discusses Martha's life in some detail. The video contains several still images that help to set the historical scene in which the quilt existed. The video's ...


My Place - Episode 12: 1898: Rowley, 1,000 good deeds

Rowley is working to complete his 1,000 good deeds so that his father will return to the family. He collects horse manure for the market gardeners and firewood for the woman who runs the laundry. He and his friend, Tom Müller, climb the tree to spy on the private school students who are practising to become soldiers.


My Place - Episode 13: 1888: Victoria, Children's games

Victoria and her siblings are playing 'blind man's bluff' at the tree. She finds a marble, which is claimed by her neighbour, Alexandra Owen, who lives in the big house. Victoria's family is building a new house but it is no match for Alexandra's, whose family who have lived in this place for a long time.


My Place - Episode 13: 1888: Victoria, Victoria's family supper

Alexandra's father is talking with his Irish tradesman who is instructing him to hide a dead cat in the roof of the house for luck. Victoria calls her father for dinner. At dinner, Victoria's mother is talking about her 'at home' invitation and who has accepted. She pauses to check Miss Müller's arrival and comments on ...


My Place - Episode 13: 1888: Victoria, The horse and carriage

Miss Müller is picked up by the newly furbished horse and carriage owned by the Müller Horse & Carriage Company. Victoria follows the carriage until Miss Müller is let off at the cemetery. Victoria runs into the Irish tradesman and learns that her father is having financial difficulties. This is also confirmed when she ...


Italian migrants and a home of their own

This clip describes how postwar Italian migrant Angelina De Rossi became less unhappy about being in Australia once she owned her own home. It shows images of Angelina, her husband Angelo and their children living in poor conditions near Griffith as she tells of hiding her unhappiness. Angelina then describes how after ...


From cottages to McMansions

This clip describes how Australians' thinking about the value of the family home changed from the 1950s onwards. It shows rising expectations about house size and internal features, along with the increasing risk of not being able to pay for them. The clip then focuses on the modest Duncan home and how Kevin Duncan Snr ...

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Teacher's guide: 200 years that changed the world

This is a teacher resource explaining how to use an animated scatter plot from Gapminder world in the context of a presentation to students about global development over the past 200 years. The resource consists of a step-by-step guide to making effective use of the scatter plot, which represents the development in wealth ...

Interactive Resource

Difference Differently: thinking globally

This is a resource with four related sets of student activities that explore global inequalities in human wellbeing and initiatives that aim to address this problem. It looks at global maps and data used to measure human wellbeing and explores the reasons for the variation. It explores the strategies used by the United ...

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Access to safe water and sanitation

This is a compilation of seven teaching sequences about access to safe water and sanitation. It includes sections on access to safe water and adequate sanitation services; water collection and use; ways water is accessed in some developing countries; use of appropriate technology to produce safe, clean water and toilets; ...

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Working for a fairer world

This is a compilation of three teaching sequences about human rights and human well-being. It includes sections on human rights principles, values and access, issues faced by people that hinder access, the consequences of having and not having access, the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, the Universal Declaration ...

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Urban sanitation in India

This is a case study about an approach to the provision of a water supply and sanitation project that involves the local community of Bangalore in the project's design and implementation. It includes sections on Bangalore's expanding needs for water; consequences of a growing population and inadequate infrastructure; and ...


Young people making a difference

Have you ever considered what it must be like to be homeless? Often it is not until we are confronted with a personal experience that we realise the significance of such social issues. Luke Owens from Bendigo Victoria, was a finalist of the 2012 Heywire storytelling competition for young people. Listen to how he found out ...

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Chemical products that change our lives

Travel back one hundred years in time to observe the technologies that people were using and to consider the technologies that had have yet to be invented. View the types of new substances that were invented by chemists during the last century.

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GM bananas

Meet a scientist who is genetically modifying bananas to make them more nutritious. Learn about some of the benefits and concerns about using gene technologies to modify foods.