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Teacher resource

Activities: English, Episode 4 - Religion

This resource for English teachers is focused on the place of religion and spirituality in Australia. It supports a set of short excerpts from Episode 4 of 'The Making of Modern Australia', a 2010 ABC television documentary series. This series investigates the social and political history of postwar Australia through archival ...


Set of standard metric weights, c1865

This is a set of standard metric weights of between 0.01 g and 1 kg, made of gilt brass and platinum wire, in a wooden box. The set includes five ivory lifters and two forceps. The box is 35 cm long x 19 cm wide x 12 cm high.


Standard weight - Troy Pound, 1844

This is a Standard Troy Pound, Parliamentary Copy No. 29 of the British Standard Pound of 1844.


My Place - Episode 12: 1898: Rowley, Early photography

Rowley visits Mr Merry, a photographer and boarder in Rowley's house. Mr Merry gives Rowley a photograph of the brickworks where Rowley's father worked. His mother asks Rowley about his 'book of good deeds' and Rowley explains that when he gets to 1,000 his father will come home.


Graeme Dunstan and Buddhism

This clip is about how and why Graeme Dunstan adopted Buddhism in the 1980s. Seated in the room where he first experienced Buddhist meditation, Dunstan speaks about how difficult it was and the feelings he experienced. He then explains that Buddhism as a philosophy and a code of moral practice appealed to him when he took ...


Makiz Ansari and Islam

This clip is about Afghan-Australian Makiz Ansari's commitment to the Muslim faith. The first part of the clip describes how her family migrated to Australia in the 1990s when she was a child, after the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union (now Russia). The second part focuses on the profound effect of her study ...


Chris Gresham-Britt talks about being a Christian

This clip is about how being a born-again Christian fulfils musician Chris Gresham-Britt's search for spiritual meaning. He describes how Christianity was seen as 'a thing of the past' as he grew up. His parents confirm that they have no need for connection with a church. Gresham-Britt explains that becoming a Christian ...

Teacher resource

Activities: History, Episode 4 - Religion

This resource for History teachers is focused on the place of religion and spirituality in Australia. It supports a set of short excerpts from Episode 4 of 'The Making of Modern Australia', a 2010 ABC television documentary series. This series investigates the social and political history of postwar Australia through the ...

Moving Image

Make a cake: measure ingredients

Sarah is following a recipe. There are some different units of measure used in the recipe. Watch the video to see what these measurement words are. How much of each ingredient is needed? How are the ingredients combined to make the cake?

Moving Image

Surviving a bed of nails

Watch the Surfing Scientist, Reuben Meerman, and Dr Karl persuade Adam Spencer to lie on a bed of nails and then use science and maths to explain what happens. Check out what happens next when they smash a concrete block on his stomach while he's lying on the bed of nails.

Moving Image

Monumental measurement mess ups

Did you know that in Australia we use a metric system for measurement? See if you know the units of measurement for length, mass and volume. Find out what system the United States uses. You guessed it - they don't use the metric system! See how a mix up of these units can cause all kinds of mess ups.

Moving Image

Sun's energy

What is the relationship between mass and energy? Dr Derek Muller uses the sun as an example to explain Einstein's famous formula, E=mc2.


Divine Service - The House of Freedom Church, Brisbane, 1986: A church community

This clip shows part of an informal Christian service of the House of Freedom Church being held in a suburban home in Brisbane. Worshippers include young children, who are shown seating themselves on the floor in front of a low table on which are a wooden cross and flowers. Other participants are mainly young adults seated ...


Ned Kelly's Jerilderie letter, 1879

This is the first page of a 40-page transcription by John Hanlon of Ned Kelly's Jerilderie letter, a confession and justification of his crimes, made in February 1879. This transcribed letter is handwritten in black ink on both sides of a cream-coloured page. 'Copy of Kelly's Confession' is written across the top of the ...


Capacity of elevators - mathematics activities

The items in this collage of warning and advisory signs for lifts (elevators) come from several different countries. Apart from the simplistic comparisons of 'average' weights of people in different cultures, more sophisticated mathematics, such as using a confidence interval to ensure reasonable safety margins, can be ...

Interactive resource

Weight and contact forces

Learn to use your knowledge of vectors to analyse how things move on surfaces under the influence of gravity and friction. Differentiate between weight and mass. Discover the factors that influence frictional forces and why surfaces push back when they are deformed. This resource consists of a video in six sections with ...


Postcard of Lincoln's Address at Gettysburg

This is a colour postcard depicting the United States president Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) on 19 November 1863. It is entitled 'Lincoln's address at Gettysburg'. In blue uniforms, Union soldiers of the US federal army watch as Lincoln makes his speech with his arms raised, looking towards the sky. US flags are shown among ...


Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen embarking for Second Boer War, 1901

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a Tasmanian military unit, the 2nd Imperial Bushmen, preparing to board the SS Chicago to go to fight in the Second Boer War (1899-1902) in South Africa. It was taken at Hobart Wharf on 27 March 1901. In the foreground, several uniformed soldiers are helping to walk horses up ...


Uniformed Boer horsemen in the Transvaal, c1900

This is a black-and-white photograph of a line of uniformed Boer horsemen in the Transvaal (now part of South Africa) taken during the Second Boer War (1899-1902). The horsemen, who are all are all mounted and wearing the same uniform, appear to be members of one of the units of Boer regulars from the Transvaal, probably ...


Men of the 2nd South Australian Mounted Rifles, c1900

This is a black-and-white photograph of eight members of the 2nd South Australian Mounted Rifles contingent, who served in the Second Boer War (1899-1902). All are mounted and in uniform. Most have gun belts across their chests and rifles raised in the air. The third man from the left is Harry B ('Breaker') Morant. The ...