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Doing justice to a remarkable play

Andrew Bovell's play 'When the rain stops falling' opens with a fish falling out of the sky - in Alice Springs! Come behind the scenes with the director, actors, and set and costume designers as they talk about their roles in the Black Swan State Theatre Company's 2011 production of this internationally celebrated play. ...

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Tim Winton from page to stage

Come along to early rehearsals Black Swan State Theatre Company's 2011 production of Tim Winton's play 'Rising water'. Hear the playwright, director, composer and actors offer their perspectives on how the play will be interpreted, developed and staged. Winton celebrates the collaborative nature of play making - how bodies, ...

Interactive resource

Light and reflection: under the spotlight

Set up stage lighting for a rock band. Select a convex reflector to floodlight the band or a concave reflector to highlight one band member. Choose a lighting pattern to suit the order in which music is played. Compare the effect of spotlights and floodlights. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.


Filming 'Gentle Strangers', 1972

This is a colour photograph of a film crew working on location near Leeton in country New South Wales. They are about to film a car accident sequence for a 1972 dramatised film called 'Gentle Strangers'. There are two vehicles in the photograph, the station wagon, which is the camera vehicle, and the car being filmed, referred ...


Brook Andrew talking about the 'My skin, my life' segment of the 2006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

This is a video about designing props for 'My skin my life', a segment of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Designer Brook Andrew talks about the origins of the ideas for the designs. He talks in front of a video that shows rehearsals and the actual performance. The duration of the video is 1 min 17 sec.


Things with wings - The transformation of a toy duck, 2006

This is a video about the waddling duck puppet and other winged props used in the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Al Martinez (props construction manager) and Dan Potra (production designer) talk about the designs and show how they work. The duration is 1 min 16 sec.  

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Dress Rehearsal - over to the dancers now

See how, even at the stage of dress rehearsal, a dance performance continues to develop and refine. In this clip choreographer Lucy Guerin discusses the big ideas which have shaped her dance work 'Weather' for her company Lucy Guerin Inc. We see Guerin working on the final details of the dancers' spacing as well as the ...

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En pointe: keeping you on your toes!

Imagine a job where you have to dance on the tips of your toes! Ballerinas do this every day and they have to train hard in order to learn the correct technique. There's quite a difference between what the the audience sees them doing on stage and the way they prepare for performances. So, why do female classical ballet ...

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Silly, naughty - and Shakespeare!

Join early rehearsals of Black Swan State Theatre Company's 2011 production of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Meet the director, actors, set designer and costume designer of a contemporary production. Watch actors do a read-through and describe ways that they establish character and work as part of a comedic ...

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Dance up close: Pina in 3D

How can film get close to the experience of a live performance? Director Wim Wenders created PINA as a feature-length dance film tribute to the German choreographer Pina Bausch, who died in the summer of 2009. This clip shows sections of two of the works performed by Tanztheater Wuppertal, which were filmed using 3D film ...

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Theatre through a lens

Imagine a theatre performance where it's possible to step into character roles and experience your own version of it! 'Situation Rooms', created by a group of author directors called Rimini Protokoll, allows an audience to do just that. Using iPad minis and headphones, the audience moves through a set, following stories ...

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Dancing a life story

Choreographer Leigh Warren was so inspired by the life story of his friend, Cambodian-born dancer and choreographer Xiao-Xiong Zhang, that he devised a dance about him. It's called 'Not According to Plan'. Warren collaborated on the work, for Adelaide's annual OzAsia Festival, with a designer, costume maker and composer ...

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Dancing life into traditional objects: 'Artefact'

'Weaving' is a segment from a longer dance piece called 'Artefact', a richly spiritual work about breathing life back into objects from ancient times. Choreographer Frances Rings is a descendant of the Kokatha people of South Australia. The 'Weaving' segment was inspired by the traditional knowledge and practices of the ...

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Kindred spirits: dancing our identity

Who are we and where do we belong? What and who decides our identity? People often ask these questions, and some may seek to discover the answers to them. In his dance piece entitled 'ID', choreographer Stephen Page explores what makes us similar, what makes us different and what gives us a sense of belonging. The clip ...


Borovansky Ballet's 'Terra Australis', 1946

This is a 20.3 cm x 25.7 cm black-and-white photograph of a ballet performance on a split-level stage in front of a painted backdrop featuring a dead white tree trunk. A male and a female dancer are in the spotlight and two groups of dancers are in the shadowed foreground.


Cinderella: secondary school resource

The Australian Ballet's EduHub provides a range of resources about ballet including information on productions. Alexei Ratmansky's Cinderella is a modern story ballet charting classic story to Prokofiev's cinematic score. Jerôme Kaplan’s costumes draw inspiration from Dior, Schiaparelli, the elegance of 1940s Hollywood, ...


COPPÉLIA: secondary school resource

The Australian Ballet's EduHub provides a range of resources about ballet including information on their productions. This magical tale romps along to Delibes’ score. Swanhilda and Franz are in love…until Dr Coppelius’ haughty daughter appears. All is not what it seems and Swanilda must rescue Franz from the magician’s ...


Swan Lake: secondary school resource

The Australian Ballet's EduHub provides a range of resources about ballet including information on their productions. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake is one of the world's most popular, traditional ballets. Siegfried is drawn to the lake and its secret realm of mystery and enchantment, where he falls in love with the Swan Queen ...


The Sleeping Beauty: secondary school resource

The Australian Ballet's EduHub provides a range of resources about ballet including information on their productions. Told through the music of Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and the choreography of Marius Petipa and David McAllister (Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet). The website provides a rich collection of resources ...

Teacher resource

Bangarra Dance Theatre: 'Moth'

This is a video of a contemporary dance created and performed by members of Bangarra Dance Theatre, which represents a story of spiritual inheritance and spiritual existence. It also reflects the last stage of a lifecycle and the birth of a new creature. The video is accompanied by information about the background and vision ...