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Collection from the NSW Women's Christian Temperance Union office, 1882-1990

This is a banner from the former office of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) of NSW. The banner has a royal blue background with gold tassels on the scalloped lower edge. On the top are five loops for hanging the banner. Painted in gold on the banner is: ' CHRISTIAN / TEMPERANCE UNION / SYDNEY / BRANCH / ORGANISED ...


Abstinence Society medal, c1885

This is a general-purpose gilt medal, minted by Stokes and Martin and issued by the Australian abstinence movement. It includes the Lord's Prayer on the obverse and on the reverse an abstinence pledge: 'I PROMISE / NOT TO USE ANY / INTOXICATING / LIQUORS AS A / BEVERAGE'. Above the pledge is a depiction of two hands shaking. ...


Young people and mental health: I've got what?

This clip shows young people talking about their experience of seeking help and receiving a diagnosis. They reflect on how they felt when a health care professional named the illness. The illnesses discussed in the clip include depression, post traumatic stress disorder, psychotic depression, drug-induced psychosis, bipolar ...

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Teenage drinking in the 1970s

Do you think that Australian teenagers drink too much alcohol? If so, do you think this is a new problem? Discover what teenagers thought about such drinking back in the 1970s. This ABC program from 1977 looks at the issue of teenage drinking, some possible reasons for it and some of the social problems arising from it.

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Drinking the substitute

While working as a barmaid, Cara Ferguson formed strong views about alcohol. Listen to her Heywire audio story and consider how she represents heavy drinking. Find out her attitude to the glamorisation of alcohol consumption and the downplaying of dangers associated with it. How does she maximise the impact of her views?<br ...

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Rethinking drinking alcohol

'High Sobriety', a book that journalist Jill Stark wrote about her experiences after deciding to stop drinking, provoked a lively discussion on the First Tuesday Book Club. All panellists were affected by the work. Have any books changed your life or made you question your beliefs and behaviour?

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Living without alcohol

Do you think Australian society is partly defined by its attitude to alcohol consumption? 'High Sobriety' tells the story of journalist Jill Stark's experiences after her decision to stop drinking. Watch First Tuesday Book Club panellists discuss aspects of this account of sobriety and the effect it's had on them.

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Wasted by alcohol abuse

Consuming alcohol affects our bodies. Find out what alcohol actually does inside the human body and the organ that 'fights' to reduce its harmful effects. Discover why alcohol is literally a 'waste' product.

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The Sven Callaway Show: drugs

Watch a talk show host interviewing people about drug issues: students, health experts and a studio audience. Look at drug usage, health effects and peer pressure. Explore a range of opinions including 'way out' ideas. Notice how people interpret facts differently. Research a topic, then describe your views on the key issues. ...


Minymaku Way, 2000: 'It doesn't belong to us'

The clip shows a meeting of the executive of the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women's Council and an example of its work in central Australian communities. The voice-over explains the role of the Council in giving women an opportunity to discuss issues and take action. The clip shows Anangu women speaking ...


Conquest of the Pacific

This is an excerpt from the 1928 black-and-white silent documentary entitled 'Conquest of the Pacific', which celebrates the first flight across the Pacific. An intertitle 'Excited crowds await the ''Southern Cross'' at Brisbane.' introduces scenes of the 'Southern Cross' taxiing to a stop. A second intertitle 'Captain ...


Crowds at a football match

This footage is from a black-and-white silent newsreel or documentary about Australian football. It shows crowd scenes from a game probably in 1928 at what appears to be half time.


Lounge smoking car on the Trans-Australian Railway, 1917

This is a 1917 black-and-white photograph showing eight men in a lounge smoking carriage on the Trans-Australian Railway between Port Augusta in South Australia and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Four men are playing cards, two are reading, one appears to be writing at a desk and an attendant stands by.


Melbourne street scene in 1921

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white silent documentary filmed in Collins Street, in Melbourne, in 1921. The first scene shows two men driving an open car. They are following a cameraman in an unseen vehicle and large clouds of exhaust emissions are visible. The next six scenes focus upon crowds moving along a Melbourne ...


Cigarette-box holder, 1939

This cigarette-box holder was manufactured in 1939 by W B and Company for sale at the 1940 New Zealand Centennial Exhibition in Wellington. It is made from a bent sheet of metal with a lacquered paper cover. One side depicts the main tower at the New Zealand Centennial Exhibition (not shown); the other, a Mäori-style carving ...


Golfers at the Canberra Golf Club, 1926

This is a black-and-white photograph of four men at the Canberra Golf Club, each holding a golf club. Behind them are parked cars and a woman sitting on a bench. The Hotel Canberra is in the background.


John Curtin's family home in Cottesloe, 1943 - asset 1

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1943 of the front room of Prime Minister John Curtin's family home at 24 Jarrad Street, Cottesloe, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.


A field hospital in the Second World War, 1940s

This is a black-and-white photograph measuring 12.0 cm x 16.5 cm, taken in the 1940s during the Second World War, showing a tent field hospital. There are convalescing soldiers in iron beds, an orderly and two female nurses. One of the soldiers has a bandage around his head. The photograph was taken by the famous Australian ...


Along the edge of Sydney Harbour, c1910

This is an excerpt from a silent black-and-white documentary, probably entitled 'A day's outing at the harbour's edge'. It shows a large crowd of people sitting, standing or moving around on the edge of Sydney Harbour, apparently watching boats.


Lounge car, Sydney-Melbourne express, 1962

This is a black-and-white photograph of the lounge on the 'Southern Aurora', the Sydney-Melbourne express train, in 1962. The photograph shows a waiter serving drinks to two seated passengers, while a third passenger sits nearby; there are three other passengers in the background.