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Listed under:  Science  >  Earth and space  >  Landforms  >  Continents  >  Supercontinents

Catalyst - The Antarctic Peninsula, 2006: Welcome to Seymour Island

This clip shows Dr Paul Willis, palaeontologist and reporter from the weekly Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) television science documentary 'Catalyst'. He retraces part of the 1902 journey of Swedish geographer and geologist Otto Nordenskjöld to Seymour Island near the Antarctic Peninsula. Standing on the deck ...


Catalyst - Wollemi Pine, 2005: The secret garden

This clip describes the discovery of the Wollemi pine in the Wollemi National Park, New South Wales, in 1994. News footage from the time and a re-enactment of David Noble abseiling into an unknown gorge where he discovered the trees are shown. A narrator provides an explanation of the supercontinent Gondwana and how the ...

Moving Image

Earthquakes and volcanoes

What is the common link between earthquakes, volcanoes, and tidal waves? Watch the damage caused by these catastrophic events and explore evidence that the Earth's continents have moved and are constantly moving. Find out the role that forming 'a new crust' plays in this movement.

Interactive Resource

Robert Jones Masterclass

Robert Jones is a palaeontologist at the Australian Museum. In this masterclass of 16 video segments he answers questions from teacher Helen Thompson and students from Balmain High School about the fossils of Gondwana and Australian fossils in general. The resource includes teaching notes and links to related websites.

Interactive Resource

Animal fossils in Gondwana

This is an online resource that supports the Animal fossils of Gondwana kit produced by NSW Department of Education and Training, Curriculum K-12 Directorate. It replaces the written exercises in the kit with 57 audio, video and interactive Flash activities, which are also downloadable from the resource as individual files. ...

Interactive Resource

Science Talk 2007: Tim Entwistle

An interview and tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney and its herbarium with Dr Tim Entwistle, a plant scientist and the NSW Government Botanist. Tim talks to a pre-service teacher from Macquarie University about his love of plants, in particular freshwater algae. In the herbarium we find out why it is so important ...