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Going down and burning up

Bring the Hubble Telescope back to Earth for repairs. Build a heat shield to protect the space telescope from burning up. Choose a material that will not easily burn, melt or transfer heat.


Logging in 19th- and 20th-century Australia

This collection of 25 digital curriculum resources focuses on work in the timber industry in 19th- and 20th-century Australia. It contains five sections - felling; splitting and chopping; transporting logs; at the sawmill; and life in a mill town. The collection includes artworks, photographs and 13 clips from archival ...


Loading logs on the Clarence River

This is a silent home movie taken around 1938, which has faded in parts to an almost green tinge. Footage includes two men, dressed in short-sleeved shirts, hats, trousers and braces, who are rolling logs, possibly of cedar, onto a barge.


Felling giant karri in Western Australia in 1929

This is an excerpt from the silent black-and-white documentary 'The golden west' filmed in Western Australia in 1929. A highly decorated intertitle, 'Down among the big timbers the giants of the forest are fashioned into many things for many lands. "Come to the West - 1929"' is followed by scenes showing the felling of ...


Transporting giant karri logs in 1929

This is an excerpt from the silent black-and-white documentary 'The golden west' filmed in Western Australia in 1929. It comprises two scenes: the first shows a steam train reversing down a slope pulling flat wagons carrying eight huge karri trunks and the second shows the train pulling into a sawmill yard for unloading. ...


Karri logs at the sawmill in 1929

This is an excerpt from the silent black-and-white documentary 'The golden west' filmed in Western Australia in 1929. This excerpt begins with a large karri trunk being rolled from a bogie flat at a sawmill. Three karri trunks are then shown with chalk measurements on the cut faces. The last scenes of the excerpt show the ...


Cutting up logs at a sawmill in Pemberton in 1946

This is a 1946 photograph of two men operating a mechanical belt-driven circular saw to cut a large half-log lengthways in a sawmill at Pemberton, Western Australia.


Logging trucks blockade Parliament House, Canberra, 1995

This is a black-and-white photograph measuring 16 cm x 21 cm, taken by Reg Alder in January 1995, of logging trucks involved in a blockade of Parliament House in Canberra. The trucks are large articulated units and one has a banner attached referring to the timber industry. The protest was a reaction against the Australian ...


'Geeveston Saw Mills and wagon load', 1890s

This is a sepia albumen photograph taken by J W Beattie in the 1890s, measuring 17.4 cm x 22.3 cm, and titled 'Geeveston Saw Mills and wagon load'. It depicts a timber worker standing at the front of a railway wagon loaded with a massive sawn tree trunk in the yard of Geeveston Saw Mills, Tasmania. The log is both chained ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. III', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 16 cm x 24.5 cm showing the Victorian squatting run Challicum, from a south-westerly viewpoint. A team of four bullocks, pulling a single-axle wagon loaded with fuel and rough bush timber, is centred in front of a large forest. Two unidentified mountains or hills are on the horizon. The artist, ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. IV', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 15.9 cm x 24.3 cm showing yellowed pasture backed by gum trees. A herd of cows with calves is grazing both in the foreground fields and the background timber. A small hill, part of the Challicum Hills, rises from the trees on the right. The artist, Duncan Cooper, included this painting as ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. V', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 16.6 cm x 25.7 cm showing a mounted man, possibly the squatter Harry Thomson. Two dogs run behind him as he rides along a meandering trail left by wagon wheels. Forests stretch away behind and native gums dot the Challicum Hills which rise out of the forest treetops. The artist, Duncan Cooper, ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. VI', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 17.2 cm x 26.2 cm showing the twin peaks of Mount Langi Ghiran rising behind the smaller tip of Conical Hill. Two distant mountains on the right are Ben Nevis and Mount Buangor. A camp of Indigenous Djapwurrong people, consisting of two bark and wood dwellings, is situated on the edge of ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. VII', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 15.7 cm x 24.4 cm, showing a mounted man herding a small group of cows past scattered native bush and trees, beneath the backdrop of the Mount Cole ranges. The artist, Duncan Cooper, included this painting as the fifteenth watercolour in his field sketchbook and inscribed the title 'Panorama ...


'Splitters', 1865

This is a coloured print, measuring 19.4 cm x 25.2 cm, by the famous colonial artist Samuel Thomas Gill (1818-80), published in 'The Australian Sketchbook' in 1865. It shows two splitters cutting slabs from the felled trunk of a tree using wedges and mallets. A bullock dray stands nearby, stacked high with slabs, and the ...


Sawing a karri log, Pemberton, 1963

This is a colour photograph of a large karri log being sawn in the mill at Pemberton, Western Australia, in 1963. It shows the log on a mobile carriage, which is guiding it into the teeth of a twin-shafted vertical saw cutting from above and below. An operator is standing nearby, working a lever.


Hauling karri, 1966

This is a colour photograph of a large karri log being hauled uphill by semitrailer on a dirt road in a Western Australian forest in 1966.


Logging karri, 1966

This is a colour photograph of a tree feller using a chainsaw to fell a 150-foot (45-metre) karri tree in Western Australia in 1966. It shows the base of a large karri, with a wedge that is almost half the width of the trunk being reinserted to support the tree.


A bullock timber team, 1884-1917

This is a black-and-white photograph from a silver gelatin dry-plate glass negative, produced by the studio of Charles Kerry and Co, Sydney. It shows a team of 16 bullocks harnessed in pairs to a wagon with four solid wheels, which is transporting a large log from a felled tree. One man stands beside the cart, touching ...


Sawmill on the Murray River, 1878

This is a black-and-white print from a wood engraving of 11 men working at the Gannawarra (misspelt Gunnawarra on the print) sawmill on the Murray River in Victoria. Cut timber is being loaded onto a barge and there are additional piles of cut timber nearby. A steam-powered traction engine sits in front of a building situated ...