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Interactive Resource

Chinese at the tip of your tongue: a glimpse of Chinese

This is a video that describes the evolution of Chinese characters from ancient pictogram to modern character and the Pinyin system of Romanisation. The video also introduces the four tones of Mandarin using examples in Pinyin and Chinese characters. The narration is in English.

Moving Image

Chinese at the tip of your tongue: culture behind numbers

This is a video that explains the significance and symbolism of numbers believed to be lucky and unlucky in Chinese society. It also introduces the numbers one to ten and Chinese hand signals for these numbers. The narration is in English with some examples in Chinese supported by Chinese characters and Pinyin.


Real Chinese - For starters

This is a web page. It presents a slideshow introducing the tonal system of Chinese. Each slide is in pinyin accompanied by Chinese audio, with options to show the Pinyin with a written English translation, the English translation only, or the audio only. The resource also has a video in Chinese and English, which reinforces ...

Teacher resource

Real Chinese - Mini-guides - Chinese tones

This is a mini-guide and linked game to the use of tones in Chinese. The mini-guide uses Pinyin accompanied by Chinese audio and a simple explanation of each tone and how it is produced. The resource explicitly explains what tones are, how many tones are used and why they are important to Chinese. The linked tone game practises ...

Teacher resource

Real Chinese - Games - Tone game

This is a listening game that practises the skill of identifying tones in Chinese. The game has an option to learn the tones first with an explanation of what tones are and a description of how to precisely say each tone. When practising the tones and playing the game, an option is available to listen to each tone in a ...