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Interactive resource

Forensic science: DNA

Explore the basic properties of DNA. See how DNA samples are collected and analysed by police. Find out how DNA fingerprinting can be used to identify a person and help to solve a crime. Identify differences between DNA samples. This learning object is one in a series of eight objects.

Teacher resource

DNA and blood grouping - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea combines TLF learning objects with practical activities to explore the properties of DNA, to demonstrate how and why DNA samples are collected and to help students understand the practical application of genetics knowledge in our community. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


Gene technology

This collection of 24 digital curriculum resources is organised into five categories - how genes work, techniques of gene technology, applications and examples, GM food and genetic engineering in fiction. Interactive learning objects explore the nature of genes and how they are manipulated. There are images of cells under ...


Catalyst - Genius of Junk, 2003: Triumph and tragedy

This clip shows immunologist Dr Malcolm Simons, who at the time of filming was a patient in a cancer ward, describing his prognosis as being terminal unless better therapies or a cure for his condition are discovered. A narrator explains that such therapies and even a cure may lie in the research into DNA that Simons himself ...


Catalyst - Genius of Junk, 2003: Junk into gold

This clip shows Dr Graeme Suthers, a genetic pathologist, and Dr Mervyn Jacobson, founder and executive chairman of Genetic Technologies, a company that owns patents for the use of so-called 'junk DNA', expressing opposing views on the patenting of this material. Dr Suthers argues that in the interests of all people these ...