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Government well, c1895

This is a sepia photograph, measuring 21 cm x 14 cm, that shows a gang of men who are digging a government well in sand plain country east of Southern Cross, en route to the eastern gold fields soon after the Western Australian gold rush began. To the right of centre a timber frame marks the drill hole bored to locate the ...


Sketch of a well, 1894

This is a black-and-white sketch by S Göczel that appeared in the first annual report of the Western Australian Department of Mines in 1894. The sketch is in two parts - the top part shows a natural landscape with trees in the background and, faintly visible on the far right, a party of three men on horseback accompanied ...


The water well at Birdsville Provisional School, c1927

This black-and-white photograph taken by teacher Clifford Everitt in about 1927 shows two young female students standing by a well at Birdsville Provisional School in south-western Queensland. The surrounding landscape is dry and bare. The well is sheltered by a raised covering made of branches and twigs. An old wagon wheel ...

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Access to safe water and sanitation

This is a compilation of seven teaching sequences about access to safe water and sanitation. It includes sections on access to safe water and adequate sanitation services; water collection and use; ways water is accessed in some developing countries; use of appropriate technology to produce safe, clean water and toilets; ...

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We all need water

This is a compilation of three teaching sequences about accessing water supplies. It includes sections on water uses, how water is obtained, delivery systems, technologies used to assist in the collection of water, and access to water and sanitation services. It introduces this global issue and provides ideas and activities ...

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Water week for schools

This is a rich resource for teachers about water vulnerability including a series of 11 video clips. The resources highlight causes, symptoms and the solutions adopted in some third world countries. Supporting documents include a brief teacher's guide, slideshows, background information and activities. Videos highlight ...