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Trades Hall relief for families in poverty, c1917 - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a segment in the silent black-and-white newsreel Australasian Gazette. The segment is entitled 'MELBOURNE / Distributing relief to women / and children and / unemployed at the / Trades Hall, Melbourne' and this excerpt contains four sequences. First, a group of people, mainly men, climb stairs to ...


Trades Hall relief for families in poverty, c1917 - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a segment in the silent black-and-white newsreel Australasian Gazette. The segment is entitled 'MELBOURNE / Distributing relief to women / and children and / unemployed at the / Trades Hall, Melbourne' and this excerpt has three sequences. First, a group of people, mainly women and young children, ...


'The hungry miles', 1955 - part 6 of 12

This is a clip from a black-and-white Australian dramatised documentary titled 'The hungry miles' that outlines the history of unionism among waterside workers and their attempts to maintain and improve working conditions in the early 1950s. In the excerpt, actors portray wealthy shipowners and their wives during the Great ...


Homeless man in China, 2006

This is a colour photograph taken in March 2006 of a homeless man in the city of Ningbo, in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang. He is kneeling on a small mat on the footpath outside a bedding shop, with a plastic begging bowl in front of him. The location is Tianyi Square, a business centre.


High-rise housing: Atherton Gardens Estate

This is an information sheet providing a history of Melbourne's slum reclamation and housing estate development in the post-Second World War era, highlighting Museum Victoria's model of the Atherton Gardens Estate in Fitzroy. It is downloadable as a two-page pdf file.


Wooden Frozen Charlotte doll, c1880

This hand-carved wooden doll was excavated at Casselden Place, Melbourne, in 2003. It measures 40 mm x 7 mm, and was in use in about 1880.


My Place - Episode 8: 1938: Colum, The Shadow

The Shadow is a famous a comic character, popular at this time with children. The character and his adventures were made into a radio play that was broadcast as a serial each week. Colum and Thommo are calculating how much they need to win on the Melbourne Cup to guarantee that Thommo's family will not be evicted from their home.


The Oasis - Ashley

Ash had a tough start to life. He lost his dad to an overdose on his fourth birthday and was hit, near-fatally, by a car at a pedestrian crossing on the way to school when he was 9. Life hasn't exactly been smooth. Now 21, he has broken through the hard times and is living his dream of renting a flat by the ocean in Maroubra, ...


The Oasis - Esther

Esther is an accomplished artist who spends all her free time making jewellery with whatever materials she can find. She often sets up a stall and sells her pieces outside Oasis. Esther was living on the streets for untold months before she finally secured more stable accommodation; first in boarding houses and then in ...


The Oasis - Fletch

Fletch came to Oasis from country New South Wales in his late teens after a turbulent childhood and still has all the honesty, generosity and wholesomeness of a country boy. He has worked with the Salvos landscaping team, completed the Foxtel Street TV video-making course and lives in independent housing. This short film ...


The Oasis - Jodie

Jodie has had a tough time in the past living in refuges and caught up in street life, but things are looking good now that she is approaching motherhood. Life is stable and she shares a flat with her long-term partner Matt in public housing in Redfern. The biggest thrill will be taking her baby home and caring for him ...


The Oasis - Matty

Matty suffered greatly as a young boy through the loss of his parents and subsequently spiralled into serious drug addiction. Now in his early 20s, he is just getting his life together and has made dramatic improvements few believed were possible. In 2007 he worked consistently on the Oasis maintenance team and lived in ...


The Oasis - Sonya

Sonya has emerged from her troubled teenage years as an inspiring, strong, educated and motivated young woman. She talks from experience about future aspirations and getting her life together after heroin addiction and hitting rock bottom. This short film is one of a series that shows the plight of young homeless people ...


Family life in the 1960s

This clip shows the wide gap between idealised family life in Australia as depicted in a 1960s government film and its reality as experienced by Karen Lawrence, a child at the time.


'Migrant mother', 1936

This is one of the most famous photographs of the Great Depression in the USA. It shows Florence Owens Thompson aged 32 huddled together with three of her seven children (the baby is obscured). The family as a whole are described in the Library of Congress catalogue as 'migrant' (ie itinerant) pea pickers in California ...


'Old Negro (former slave) with horn with which slaves were called', 1939

This is a black-and-white photograph showing an old African American man sitting in a doorway and holding a horn once used to summon slaves to work at sunrise. The photograph was taken near Marshall in Texas, USA, by photographer Russell Lee.


'Washington, DC Government charwoman', 1942

This is a famous black-and-white anti-discrimination photograph, also widely known as 'American Gothic, Washington, DC'. It shows Mrs Ella Watson, an African American cleaner at the Treasury in Washington, USA. She is standing stiffly in front of the US flag, with a broom on one side and a mop on the other. The photograph ...


Mirror-wall of inequality

How do you define poverty? How does inequality manifest itself in society? Listen to Akram Azimi, the 2013 Young Australian of the Year, provide a vivid illustration of inequality in the city of Peshawar in Pakistan. This audio clip from Radio National's Conversations with Richard Fidler is the fourth in a series of eight.


Slums: a picture tells a thousand words

Slums aren't often considered to be the most picturesque locations, but this clip proves that Jakarta's slums can be an important subject for photography. Children who live in the slums are being encouraged to tell their story through photos. Could the power of the lens open up new opportunities for these youngsters?

Interactive resource

Homelessness: two points of view

Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of providing housing for homeless people. Review two points of view on the issue and the arguments that support them. Gather facts and opinions from a consultant and local people. Consider issues such as social equity, welfare, compassion and employment. Recommend the best course ...