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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Machinery  >  Wheels
Moving Image

Wheely good wheels

Wheels are round and come in many sizes, but how does a wheel turn? In this clip we show you how a wheel and axle work together to provide movement.

Teacher resource

Simple machines - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explains how students draw on day-to-day experiences with familiar machines as an introduction to forces and friction. Students investigate concepts including mechanical advantage, levers, inclined planes, wheel-and-axles and gears and apply this knowledge to design a machine. It includes a unit of work ...

Teacher resource

Wild ride: get a grip: assessment: teacher guide

Use this resource with 'Wild ride: get a grip: assessment' (L7969). First, see a profile of that assessment object, which gives you some helpful background information. Then follow clear guidelines on the marking and interpretation of student input from that object's report. Read notes on anticipated student responses, ...


Holden hub cap, 1948-53

This is a metal dome-shaped hub cap for a motor car made by General Motors-Holden's, Australia, 1948-1953. The hub cap has the Holden emblem, a lion rolling a stone with one paw, in the centre in red.


Olympic tyre manufacturing process, Flemington, 1961

This is a 1961 black-and-white image depicting a process worker operating a tyre building machine at Olympic Tyre and Rubber Company, 100 Racecourse Road, Flemington. The man is applying tread rubber to the tyre. This is one of the final processes in tyre manufacture before the 'green' tyre is vulcanised or shaped. The ...


Aircraft undercarriage from the 'Lady Southern Cross'

This is part of the starboard aircraft undercarriage from Charles Kingsford Smith's Lockheed Altair 'Lady Southern Cross'. There is a grey-painted metal assembly joining a wheel, complete with brake unit and tyre, to a shock absorber unit. The tyre is a Goodrich Silvertown brand. The wheel is painted silver. The undercarriage ...

Interactive resource

Life without chemistry

Rebuild everyday products in a city. Test the properties of industrial materials. Choose materials suited to making items such as cars, buildings and clothing.

Interactive resource

Skateboard race [Windows version]

Help a teenager to fit new wheels for his skateboard. Test the strength and hardness of materials such as glass, aluminium and polyurethane. Choose the most suitable material.

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Give me a brake

Investigate braking efficiency of cars and trucks by testing stopping distances under controlled conditions. Test effects of vehicle type, tyres, road surface and weather conditions. Choose driving speed, then apply brakes and compare stopping distances. Estimate distances from target markers. Answer questions about antilock ...

Teacher resource

How the Rubber Meets the Road

Lesson focuses on how engineers design tyre treads to increase safety and reliability. Students are presented with the challenge of designing a new tyre tread that will be safe when driving in rainy conditions. Student teams will design and construct a sample tread out of clay, then test and evaluate the effectiveness of ...