This Teacher idea provides video footage of teachers discussing the use of an interactive digital curriculum resource from the 'School canteen' series to develop students' multiplication skills. We also see the year 5–6 students using the resource on an interactive whiteboard, and working in small groups and individually. The Teacher idea describes and provides access to the digital resource used in the classroom, along with other relevant resources.

L1927 School canteen: restock: level 1 helps students to understand the relevance of mathematics to real life, in this case the mathematics involved in stocking a school canteen with various products. In the video clip, available on the Resources page of this Teacher idea, teachers first discuss why and how they will use the resource with students, then they explain to the students the purpose of using the learning object and introduce it using an interactive whiteboard.

The learning activity encourages students to adopt different multiplication strategies to select the cheapest items possible (given the quantities required) and so get all the food they need while keeping within their budget.

One teacher describes the learning object as 'a really good way of summing up what students had been learning ... about the different strategies we use to multiply'. She also likes the way it deals with real-life situations: 'They might be running a shop one day' and lets the students have another go if they get a calculation wrong. 'There are no put-downs or anything like that.'

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L1927 'School canteen: restock: level 1'
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'The canteen learning object helps students recognise how they do their multiplication ... and whether they could do it in a more effective way.'

Andrea Hennessey,
Footscray North Primary School, Vic


Curriculum area

Year level

Multiplication strategies

Learning objectives
  • Students use efficient multiplicative strategies to solve practical problems.
  • Students solve arithmetic problems involving money and quantities.

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'School canteen: restock: level 1' learning object
'School canteen: restock: level 1' 'School canteen: restock: level 1' TLF ID L1927

Students are responsible for purchasing stock online for the school canteen. They focus on the mathematical skills and calculations associated with shopping.

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'School canteen' series text
'School canteen' series 'School canteen' series

Read about the full series of 'School canteen' learning objects.

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In the classroom video
In the classroom In the classroom

Watch as students use L1927 School canteen: restock: level 1 with the help of a teacher who demonstrates on an interactive whiteboard. Listen to the teacher reviewing how her students performed while using the learning object.

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