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  1. Cassowary sanctuary

    L86 Cassowary sanctuary

    • Published 29/03/2011
    • TLF-ID L86

    Help a park ranger to arrange fencing in a wildlife sanctuary. Divide common geometric shapes into equal-sized sections for keeping cassowaries. Group the enclosures to form a quarantine zone for sick and injured birds. Then express divisions of the enclosures as fractions. Work through facts about the life of cassowaries: physical characteristics; diet; habitat; life cycles; and locations. Interact with graphs to see how people can help to save cassowaries. Answer questions as you go; express your answers as fractions. This learning object is a combination of two objects in the same series.

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  2. Playground percentages

    L133 Playground percentages

    • Published 28/09/2016
    • TLF-ID L133

    Help a town planner to design two site plans for a school. Assign regions on a 10x10 grid for different uses such as a playground, canteen, car park or lawn. Calculate the percentage of the total site used for each region. Use a number line to display fractions and equivalent fractions.

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  3. Measures: scaling down
    Learning objects

    L2311 Measures: scaling down

    • Published 10/04/2020
    • TLF-ID L2311

    Compare the areas of squares, rectangles and triangles before and after being scaled down (reduced). Notice that 'similar shapes' in the mathematical sense have the same shape but different areas. Explore the relationship between side-length reduction and area reduction when scaling down shapes. This learning object is the third in a series of eight objects that progressively increase in difficulty.

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