Work studies / Year 9 / Skills for learning and work / Work skills

Curriculum content descriptions

Explain the importance of teamwork and collaboration in school, community and work-related contexts (ACWSCL009)

  • practising techniques for establishing connections with others and building positive relationships in a range of contexts
  • identifying the skills needed to work collaboratively
  • identifying projects for which teamwork is well suited and determining how to assign team roles
ScOT terms

Social networking



The PreVet program is designed for students in the middle years and explores ideas around work culture and the value of literacy and numeracy in working life. It is a vast, multi-layered website providing student and teacher resources promoting job pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in remote northern ...


Leadership development

The Leadership Development program is designed to support Indigenous students preparing to enter the world of work. Films and interviews feature stories of successful Indigenous people and focus explicitly on teaching core employability skills such as communication, teamwork, enterprise and problem solving. Resources are ...


Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is a suite of resources for Stage 5 students to support safe online behaviour. This resource includes game-based learning, lessons, videos, and parent and teacher support materials.