Dance / Year 5 and 6

Curriculum content descriptions

Develop technical and expressive skills in fundamental movements including body control, accuracy, alignment, strength, balance and coordination (ACADAM010)

  • rehearsing a combination of fundamental movements with or without accompaniment to refine technical and expressive skills, for example, galloping, jumping, sliding, rolling, slithering, spinning, shrinking, exploding, collapsing
  • practising and refining technical skills in movements in response to teacher’s and peers’ feedback
  • rehearsing a range of learnt and devised dances with an awareness and appreciation of their body capabilities
  • Considering viewpoints – meanings and interpretations: For example – How is the movement of the body used to represent a story, character or idea? How does the use of space, costume and/or multimedia communicate meaning in this dance? Why did they/you make this dance?
General capabilities
  • Numeracy Numeracy
ScOT terms

Movement sequences,  Human movement

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