Dance / Year 7 and 8

Curriculum content descriptions

Structure dances using choreographic devices and form (ACADAM016)

  • selecting, combining, refining and sequencing movement using choreographic devices such as transitions, variation and contrast and choreographic forms such as binary, ternary and narrative
  • analysing and evaluating the structural choices made in their dance by documenting their process in records such as journals, blogs, and video or audio recording, securing permission where appropriate
  • reflecting on the creative process of choreography to clarify their choreographic intent and refine their dance
  • Considering viewpoints – forms and elements: For example – How have the elements of dance been used by the choreographer to express his/her stated intent? What choreographic devices were evident in this dance? What choreographic form was used by the choreographer?
  • responding to feedback by changing the order and pattern of dance movement, phrases or sequences, using choreographic devices
ScOT terms

Dance composition

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