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Dance / Year 9 and 10

Curriculum content descriptions

Improvise to find new movement possibilities and explore personal style by combining elements of dance (ACADAM020)

  • extending their movement vocabulary to explore their own stylistic preferences and personal identity, for example, using analysis of dance styles from a range of cultures and times to inform their choreographic practice
  • exploring use of elements of dance in different dance styles, including those from other cultures and times, as a stimulus for improvisation
  • developing a personal movement vocabulary by combining elements of dance with finding new ways of moving, and establishing a personal style
  • investigating the use of elements of dance in works of artists, including those from the Asia region, and adapting dance ideas to create movements that represent a synthesis of influences
  • Considering viewpoints – meanings and interpretations: For example – What meanings are intended by the choreographer?
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Spontaneous movements

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